Daytime wedding is an American practice that is seen as a strong trend for the most modern grooms in Brazil. The new style of celebration has not yet fallen into popular taste; many still prefer to follow the traditions of parental and church marriage. But it guarantees a good inspiration for couples looking for something different.

For a daytime wedding, the bride must have a look adapted to the time, such as a light dress to withstand the heat and a fresher hairstyle. Image consultant Amália Piffero bets on the shredded banana bun in pairs with a long, draped, and ruffled dress and adds. “The fringe is on the rise and enhances the look even more. The pearl tiara is a great accessory and looks great also with shorter, fitted dresses “.

Brides with long hair:

For brides with long hair, Amália believes that a good option is a hairstyle of locks of the temples stuck in the back with flowers up to the middle of the head, leaving the end very loose and natural, intertwined with small flowers.

The guests can substitute the sparkles of the night for clothes with impeccable modeling, whether in creative details like ruffles, lace, cutouts, drapes, pleats, and pleats – always in lighter textures – as in the winter suit. More accessible options are joker, short, or midi dresses, which guarantee elegance in this type of ceremony.

Amália draws attention to an important detail; “To get the costume as a whole, the choice of model, accessories, and hairstyle must be well thought out. During the day, lighter colors fall better and floral prints are mainly used in these events “.

Hairstyles with loose hair back are more youthful and, for this reason, Amália says that stripped brides would feel good to use. The hat is recommended for outdoor ceremonies and is an option that adds elegance to the production. Daytime weddings require lighter, more romantic hairstyles. The cokes are always welcome and go well with all outfits and are excellent choices for guests with longer hair.

14 Easy Hairstyle For a Wedding Function

Here are the best wedding hairstyles for girls.

High bun with stretched hair

High bun with stretched hair is a classic that never goes out of style. Adding an ornament on the side is an attractive option to unwind the traditional.

Stone Headbands

Stone headbands or beads make up the contemporary romantic style in addition to being a good option for wearing loose hair.

Built-in Braid

A built-in braid with volume only on the top of the hair. It is irreverent, practical, and can be used with hair up or down.

The Hat

The hat is recommended for open sky ceremonies; it is an option that adds elegance to the production.

Braided Bun-Tiara

The braided bun-tiara enhances blonde or gradient hair. It is a great hairstyle for hot days.

Locks Curled

The locks curled on the side are practical, and it is unusual for those who are going to get dressed alone—a way to ‘do it yourself’ without having to go to the salon.

Frayed Layers

The most significant difficulty with this hairstyle is getting enough volume on top of the head. The result is beautiful frayed layers.

Pearl Clips

An escape for those with very short hair, the pearl clips are extraordinarily charming and original.

Long Loose Hair

The wreath has a bohemian reference and is an attractive option for those who want to wear their long loose hair.

Braid Tiara

The braid tiara is an alternative mainly for medium hair. It can be used with a low bun or with loose threads.

Banana Bun

The banana bun with the volume on the top of the hair is a classic of the 60s, but doubtful in terms of pleasing all tastes.

Firm and Tightly Held Bun

A firm and tightly held bun, with the strands, entirely pulled back. Chic and elegant, it’s a classic that recalls the 50’s.

Side Donut Bun

The side donut bun is romantic and original. The size may vary according to taste.


The ponytail tightly attached to the head is elegant and ideal for the hottest days.

Side Bun With Ripples

The side bun with ripples referring to the 60s received an extravagant accessory that left it romantic and contemporary.

For those more detached from the traditional, flowers, a la Carmen Miranda stands out from basic dresses.

The quarantine banana bun of the years was rescued by brands like Chanel and Yves Sant Laurent.

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