Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share the nine best ponytail hairstyles for brides. All of these ponytail hairstyles are so nice. We have a regular low pony, medium ponytail, high ponytail, swoop ponytail, etc.
The ponytail – or ponytail, as hairstylists call it – is a timeless and elegant classic for all types of brides. Versatile, they work for weddings during the day or night, sophisticated or on the beach. 

They are easily formed in any hair; whether straight or curly, medium or long, and have several ways to be used. For the style consultant Luana Rodrigues. The tail pinned at the top brings natural sensuality to showing the woman’s neck. 

Effortlessly Elegant: Ponytail Hairstyles for Brides

“In brides, however, sensuality is balanced with the veil, since it hides the entire area that would be exposed,” he explained. 

The makeup used for this type of hairstyle has no mysteries: “well-contoured eyes, with a little brown in the eyes to give depth.

A sparkling beige will serve to illuminate the eyes and accompany the pink blush with an air of health; exemplified Eduardo Jônata, makeup artist specialized in bridal makeup.

Low Ponytail:

Ideal for religious weddings, the low ponytail creates a contemporary effect and leaves the bride safe; so that you won’t have to worry about whether the hairstyle is “disassembling.” 

High ponytail:

On the other hand, the tall version requires some care. As it is an elegant alternative for brides who do not sympathize with buns. It must be securely attached to the root so that the weight of the hair does not sag and become loose during the ceremony.

Side Ponytail:

The side ponytail is ideal for romantic brides or those who want to show off that image on the “big day.” 

Fashion consultant and wedding planner Bia Vianna make a reservation regarding the combination of the side ponytail with dresses with one shoulder. 

“The side hairstyle would hide the dress strap or would be ‘leftover’ on the side that has no strap. So It should be avoided.

Luana Rodrigues, an image consultant, specialized in brides, believes that the style of the dress should weigh in choosing the side ponytail. 

It matches almost every type of dress. The only caveat is with the very classic dress models, such as Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton, for example.

Ceremonies and weddings with a high degree of formality call for more traditional hairstyles,” he explained. For wavy or curly hair, it is also worth betting on a cap to enhance the hairstyle further.

Brides who have bangs or want to do for the wedding need not worry about the hairstyle. 

Luana Rodrigues states that there is no problem, as long as it matches the bride’s style: “it would be ideal for a young and romantic bride or for those who do not live without bangs at all.


Here is a collection of 9 best ponytail hairstyles for brides.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle For Brides

Pulled to the side with curls at the ends, the tail creates a romantic image and enhances the bride’s face.

Medium Ponytail Hairstyle For Brides

For medium-length brides, shoulder-length, it is also possible to use a tail, as long as it is in high style.

High Ponytail Hairstyle For Brides

The high ponytail is a timeless classic. The detail of the hair wrap around the elastic gives a stripped tone.

Ripples at the ends of the hair add charm to the look.

Slicked Back Ponytail

The ponytail down is practical and does not risk “dismounting”.

Curly Ponytail Hairstyle For Brides

Making curls with Babyliss on the loose part of the tail makes the look romantic and youthful.

Swoop Ponytail Hairstyle For Brides

To hold the threads, it is worth investing in loops, flowers, bows.

Ponytail With A Bun And Waves

The ponytail with a bun and waves from the 1920s on the side is an authentic and contemporary option.

The most important thing is always to respect the style of the day; the bride’s day so that she feels safe and comfortable on the big day. “, he concludes. As for accessories, barrettes never go out of style. Pearls are elegant and timeless, and flowers go well for weddings during the day. 

Bia Vianna believes that using common sense according to the form of the bride is paramount: “everything depends on the style of the bride and the party that she and the groom want, but they can be cloaks, barrettes, feathers, what the imagination and the common sense together allow us to dream, “finished.

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