Find out what causes hair loss and hair breakage. Many factors can influence sudden hair loss.


An average person has 150 thousand threads, and several fall daily in a cycle with a beginning, middle, and end until they are replaced with new ones. When the hair falls out too much, it can indicate a health problem, whether emotional or on the scalp, or even a sign that the hair dye is not applied correctly. A correct diagnosis must look for a trichologist who will evaluate the scalp through the hair bulb’s electron microscopy.

The hair strand structure is formed by three layers: the medulla, which functions as a backbone, the cortex, where the color is, and the cuticle, which is the outermost part and looks like a scale.


Hair health can be directly related to emotional health. Moments of stress, worry, anxiety, and depression can reflect on the locks’ beauty and aggravate or even cause illness.

Alopecia areata, or popularly known as “naked,” is another capillary disease triggered by great stress periods. The disease causes hair or hair loss in well-defined areas of the body, usually round or oval. Despite appearing at any age, data indicate that 60% of the cases its carriers are under 20 years of age.

Trichotillomania, on the other hand, is a disorder characterized by pulling out hair without aesthetic purposes and affects very anxious individuals. People who suffer from this impulse control disorder pull out their hair to control anxiety and nervousness. Some wind the threads around their fingers and then pull them out. In the most severe cases, they end up becoming bald or with large flaws in the scalp.

Does hair grow back after falling out from roots?

Hair loss can be reversed at any age, as long as the hair bulb is still alive. There are non-invasive treatments among the solutions, such as low penetration laser and transonic infusion, allowing bulb activating substances without needles and applications.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

If the problem is genetic or due to hormonal factors, the trichologist may prescribe carboxytherapy, low-level laser treatment, or even a follicular unit transplant. One recommendation will be to follow a balanced diet rich in iron to treat a fall attributed to emotional problems. If the problem is the drastic cut in calories and protein, carboxytherapy and clinical treatment sessions are also indicated. Moving forward with the treatment that is right for your hair type is extremely crucial. Keeping this in mind you should check out Eternal Hair & Esthetics before choosing any hair procedure for yourself.

Cause of Hair Breakage

Most chemicals and excess heat, however, lead to hair breakage, not hair loss. Shampoos formulated with a protein called ANP reduce the hormones responsible for thinning the hair and prevent hair loss. Anti-breakage shampoos strengthen hair damaged by chemical processes and prevent it from breaking in half.

How to Prevent Hair Breakage?

It is recommended to use treatment masks based on creams and keratin to restore the threads’ outer layer to control the break. This protects them from environmental conditions such as wind, low humidity, and ultraviolet radiation. 


The hair implant can only be done by those who have strong and bulky hair. For the procedure, the patient’s own hair taken from the head’s back will be used. 

For those who choose to have surgery, care must be taken to avoid falling into the healthy area. Redistribution causes the illusion that natural hair is more uniform, but the person will not have the locks when he was a teenager.

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