Buying a good finisher is more complicated than it looks. Women are already used to choosing their shampoo and conditioner but always have doubts about the best way to stay with the hair of their dreams. Depending on the product, it can decrease frizz, add volume, curl, or hold a hairstyle and not let it fall apart ahead of time.

Gel, mousse, and spray are three of the most used fixative types and still confuse many people when choosing. When applied, they form a film on the threads that, depending on the product, have different results.

Mousse: The Lightweight Fixative for Fine Hair

The mousse is one of the most versatile. The foam can be spread on dry or damp hair from the root to add volume. To model, just apply from the middle of the strands to the ends.

For a wavy or curly effect, just let it dry naturally or with the help of a dryer; the product also helps to smooth it. If used before combing, the result will be fuller hair. 

The ideal is to apply the equivalent of the size of a lemon, but short hair should use a smaller portion – such as a ping-pong ball – to avoid weighing down the look.

Seen by many as a product that makes hair stiff and wet, the gel is gaining more followers. The most common formula, with alcohol, is known to dry the hair. 

Pharmacist Pamella Pardal explains that the problem is not the substance, but the health of the hair; “In general, among other functions, alcohol is present in the formula because it makes hair dry faster. Care must be taken when using damaged hair because the substance can potentiate the damage. 

The gel is found in formulas with and without alcohol and is great to have more control over the applied fuse in addition to having a more excellent fixation.

Spray: The Versatile Fixative for All Hair Types

The spray is the darling of the finish due to its versatility. It can be found in the “dry” types, which only come out when wet; or “humid” which in addition to allowing brushing afterward; still leaves with a damp appearance similar to the gel. 

Besides, for each type, there are the soft, medium; or healthy options that differ by concentration and the result you want to achieve. The more structured the hairstyle, the stronger the product needs to be.

Straight, but without the need for structure, the hairstyle for Jonathan Saunders’ fashion show at London Fashion Week may have been done with the help of a modeling mousse.

Very structured and unbalanced, the look of the Temperley London fashion show at British fashion week must have received high doses of fixative gel to look so perfect.

Already on the catwalk of Vivienne Westwood, a hairstyle was seen that requires a bit of structure but also rocks the waves. The idea to recreate the look is the medium or high-power fixative spray.

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