Chlorine Hair Treatments – How to do Hair Care After Pool and Beach?

With the arrival of summer, dives on the beach and in the pool to cool off and enjoy the sunny afternoons have become more common. But this exposure to saltwater from the sea and water with chemical compounds from the collection makes our hair drier, discolored, and often dull. Check out all the chlorine hair treatments to keep your hair hydrated, nourished, and fortified after swimming.

Best Chlorine Hair Treatments To Protect Hairs After Swimming

1. Hair Schedule

The hair schedule is always an excellent choice for chlorine hair treatments because it represents a care routine customized to the needs of your hair. With the hair schedule, it is possible to understand which points your hair needs more attention to and choose the products and treatments necessary to solve these conditions.

The hair schedule is formed by the hydration, wetting, and reconstruction steps that can provide soft, fortified, shiny, and silky hair together. Hair hydration should be done when the hair is drier while moisturizing for dull and lacklustre strands, while the reconstruction is more suitable for brittle and weak hair.

2. Avoid Heat or Chemical Sources.

After the beach and pool, it is normal for the hairs to become more dry and opaque. Using heat sources such as dryers, diffusers, and flat irons can intensify this drying of the hair and make the hair even brittle. Therefore, it is important to avoid using these devices to prevent drying hair. Enjoy the warmer weather and let your hair dry naturally. When using the dryer and flat iron, try to reduce the frequency of use and always use the thermal protector first.

In the case of chemical processes, it is important to take a break during this period. The fact that the hair becomes dry can facilitate the breakage of the hair. Therefore, rely on a treatment routine to strengthen and fortify the hairs before any chemical process.

3. Be Careful Untangling The Hairs

Another important hair care tip after swimming is to pay attention when untangling the hair. That’s because hair drying makes it easier to break. So always untangle the hair from the ends and don’t force it when a knot appears. Use the comb or brush suitable for your hair type to untangle the strands, and always use a combing cream or leave it in to help with this process.