Silver Blonde Hair Trends

Hey ! These are some super cool silver blonde hair color pictures. Sliver Blonde is a light color. It’s give a cool and different look from others. Yeah its a shiny color. Its looks great with balayage, short hairs and amazing on long hair.

Some women and girls have natural silver blonde hair, natural hair color is best. But don’t worry there are many good companies who are making sliver blonde hair dye and these are easily available in markets.

If we talk about silver blonde hair highlights, it also have many versions. Like a combination of silver with charcoal and light pink, frosty, smokey and many more.

Here are 12 hairstyles with silver blonde hair you will want to try this season.


This shaggy bob with this color is cute and pretty.


Hair with dark roots

This hair color with dark roots is good to give you a emo look.


This one below is a nice with dark roots.


Shoulder Length

This silver blonde on a shoulder length bob is a decent one. It also from a dark roots but this is very pretty.



When it comes to natural hair. It gives you more attractive look. This natural hair color have a different shine and vibe.


Short Hair

This hair color with short hair is great and pretty. It is a silver grey bob wig with lace front.



This balayage hair with this highlights gives a charming look and its easy to have.


Silver Blonde Ombre

This Ombre with the dark on top and waves on bottom is really a pretty hairstyle.


Silver Platinum Blonde


Medium length

This color looks nice on medium hairs.



This grey color on a wavy bob is pretty.


Curly Hair

If you have curly hairs you must have too try this color. Silver blonde hair color looks cute on curly hair.


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