10 Cutest Layered Bob With Bangs

These days everyone wants to look fresh. Texturized bobs look fantastic on thin and medium-dense hair. A good option loved by many contemporary women is a graduated or stacked bob with shorter stacked layers at the nape and longer tresses in front like a layered bob with bangs. Okay, time for pictures!

Modern Layered Bob With Bangs for Any Occasion

Modern Blonde Bob

If you want a charming look at a party, this layered bob with bangs hairstyle and awesome goggles is great for you.

Sophisticated Bob with Subtle Layers

This hairstyle is very nicely sophisticated. You can wear this layered bob with bangs style straight for a neat, polished look. And the blunt edges give a more intense look, paired with a dark hue.

Curly Bob with Highlights

This style is great for a stunning, dimensional bob. Because these curls are more like swirls with beautiful colors. You need to curl the bottom layer. And the top and middle layers are in alternating directions for a gorgeous style.

Collarbone Ash Blonde Bob with Wispy Layers

This hairstyle, a collarbone ash blonde bob with wispy layers, can look as light as a feather with the right layers and coloring.

Light Cinnamon Brown Bob with Jagged Ends

It’s good to wear to a beach party, and definitely, you can have it at work for a charming look. You must ensure that the ends are properly jagged with the brown bob.

Pretty Pale Blonde

If you have thin hair, this hairstyle with pastel blonde is great for you. For thick hair, you don’t need dye tricks.

Inverted Blonde Bob with Swoopy Layers

This layered bob style is great for those women who don’t want sophisticated hair. The brown tones give a surprising glint of blonde at every turn of the head.

Touchable Easy Wear Bob

This style is the best for you if you are looking for an easily layered bob with bangs.

Blonde Bob with Long Feathered Layers

This style looks fabulous with a medium layered bob parted on the side with long feathered layers.

Blonde Bob with Thin Layers Throughout

Layered bob haircuts come in many variations: not just one length but also angled and inverted ones.

Pretty Bob with Stacked V-Cut Layers

This bob hairstyle has been traditionally styled with inwardly-curled ends. You need to heat the straightening iron and lightly clamp the hair to do this.

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