The Best Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men To Get in 2019

Men’s Haircuts + Hairstyles for men

Are you looking for latest men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men for 2019 ?

It is known that there are constantly changes and changes for men’s haircuts. In 2019, there are many cool hairstyles, whether Fohawk, Buzz Cut, Textured Crop or Perm Hair. Each one told me that Fang had arranged for the Permanent Secretary to tell. But believe that many men should have tried to cut So I want to find some new ideas to change the style.

The Best Men’s Haircuts Guide

Men’s haircuts for a wide forehead

Men’s haircuts for a wide forehead cut and cool to help fool the eyes Enhance confidence out of the house without worrying.

          Men wide forehead Which haircut is good? Vicious problems that the boys are worried about and can’t find answers That will cut him, and he is afraid to see the greater clarity Would like this set to be afraid that it is too deliberately concealed OK, what is the best thing to do, then cool, look good? Do not be suspicious that people will focus on the forehead.
          For people with wide foreheads Or deep forehead, male hair should be cut to cover the empty space Or open to see But must set up to see the volume Even if it helps to draw the eyes, not letting others notice clearly Try to avoid the haircut. The shape that is very short forward or flat set Because it will see the width And the depth is clearer
And this is 5 men’s haircuts for wide forehead men Which we would like to recommend

Textured Crop 

Short hair like a shell. But keep the hair above and the front longer than usual Is a hot man hairstyle. And cover the deep width of the forehead well.


Simply called the frontal hairstyle Is a set of hair that comes down to full closure or half frontal .But will focus on adding volume to look more stylish ,Which helps to attract the eye Camouflage well

Perm Hair 

Perm hair style, another trend that is equally interesting. Adding a layer to the hairstyle will enhance the hair to look tight, weighty, which helps conceal the depth of the forehead to a certain extent. Any man wants to change a new look. Try to ensure that


For those who want to have a forehead hair style, it is recommended to be a pompadour or a set of hair, but hit above the top. Then cut the curve back This shape will help attract others to focus on the forehead. But must set the bulge to  high Do not set flat Otherwise the forehead will look wider immediately.

Skin Head 

Heal skinheads. It’s easy, comfortable. No need to worry about a lot. Get a cool look, too. Even more doubly

Men’s haircuts, 2019 by world-renowned hair stylist

Men’s Haircuts 2019 introduces cool hairstyles for men, including short hairstyles, long hairstyles, vintage hairstyles guaranteed by Denis Robinson, a world-famous hair stylist..
  Today, we has brought men’s haircuts at Denis Robinson, a world-famous hair stylist. Suggest to cut in 2019 to leave all the young men who are looking for a new hairstyle. Can be stored as an idea to choose …

The French Crop

          Still retains the top male short hair styles and has been recommended by many websites for the Crop style hairstyles or the cover styles that have been added to the front hair to come down to close the forehead to become the shape. I say this style is very popular

High and Slick

Another short hairstyle that celebrities make to work out for various high and slick cuts, side and back short. Then the set is forward and then curves to one side. Get a look that is sharp and sharp Suitable for suits or dress-up in formal events.

The Bowl Cut

Go back to the 90s. Bowl cut hair or head-shaped hair, round hair, always trim the edges throughout the head. Is a very popular hairstyle among Baptist artists But at present, there are modifications Add a layer of hair to look stylish and suitable for other styles.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men
Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Classic Pompadour

Vintage hair style that is hard to deny in its coolness. Pompadour is another hairstyle 2019 that many websites recommend. The classic set method will hit the front of the hair follicle up high. Then use a comb to curl to the back As for anyone who wants to have a modern style Just change from using a comb to using a hand set instead. Will get a more natural look.


Coming through the long hair of men Originally, this hairstyle was popular in the rock group. Or a group of people who like to listen to grunge music, simply explained, is the release of long hairs without any set, like the legendary singer Kurt Cobain. Like that Many famous model names have been put together.


Shaggy or unkempt should be a desirable line for many long hair men because the set is very easy. Just crumple it to make it look as busy as this. But there is a small condition that should take good care of the hair health, this weight is all cool in its body If you can’t think of it, think of Kit Harington, a famous actor from Game of Throne or Timothée Chalamet from Call Me By Your Name.

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Surprisingly, the final form of the famous hair stylist is Cillian Murphy’s haircut, which is shown in the series “Peaky Blinders”. After about 1-2 numbers, then hold the top hair long, swipe to the side Which after the series starts on air There are a lot of hairdressers coming out to make this cut.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men
Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Classic men’s haircuts

Men’s haircuts recommend 4 classic hairstyles for men that are suitable for each hair type. When will the cut look good and there will never be a trend?

          Believe that there must be something that the young man has a ton of thoughts, not thinking of what to do. At present, there are many cool hairstyles for men. Which sometimes you may think or choose a lot Try to come back to do some classic look. It’s a bit common. But guarantee that it is cool and not exact. Today, the bottle of dot com, I would recommend 4 classic men’s haircuts that have never been out. And suitable for each condition, I came to my friends to try to cut it for the day I thought I could not leave each other.

Classic hairstyles for curly hair men

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Men with natural curly hair Most will like short haircuts or stretch out. To conceal the curly curls But knowing that the natural curls are Is the charm that makes people curly hair look cool without having to try.

          What to remember is The curly hair must be at the length of the side and back. Always shorter than the top! Do not let it always be long. Otherwise, will see a full head. Aimlessly immediately The rest does not have to set anything more. Just shoving the front up, just because of curly or wavy hair, it’s cool by itself. 

Classic hairstyles for men, thin hair

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Speaking straight, the short hair style is the style that is most suitable for men. Because how much shorter It helps to hide a lot, but David Beckham, the model and the famous football legend, has shown that There is one classic and very interesting hairstyle for some people, 

          That is Slicked Back, which plows the short side hair. And smoothed the top side to the back Both cool and help to cover up the thinness quite smoothly, but the men who set this shape must be careful not to use too many hair products. Because the hair will clump together to make the scalp visible Try to use less, but spread over the head instead. The short hairstyle is still the same work, which David Beckham used to cut short. Frequently guaranteed that equally cool. 

Classic hairstyles for men, long hair

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Originally, long hairstyles  are already unique and stylish in their own way. Do not worry much about the shape. The thing that needs to focus is to keep the hair and scalp healthy. Should trim the ends of the hair every 4 or 6 weeks to prevent split ends And regularly use nourishing products regularly Do not let the hair dry and accumulate. Because those around you will see our hair clearly.

          The key to long hair is Letting me leave the weight naturally This is the perfect classic. Do not try to force it to waste time. It will make me look hardened and polished. In case of need It is also recommended to use the method to collect the hair instead of the set anyway.

Classic hairstyles for straight hair men

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Considered the good luck of straight hair men Which can make hair styles in many styles Will be long, beautiful, short-cut, cool or curling, adding layers also But must remember that the sides and back must always be shorter than the top.

    The most classic shape for men, straight hair, is a set of side part shapes that smooth the sides to the back. Then slice the top of the oblique one side (according to preference) as the shape that was made when it was smart to everyone And for a few more years, this style is the same classic No date for sure.

Vintage hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles for men are considered very popular hairstyles now. Because it is a simple but good hairstyle and helps create a good image for the hairstyle owner as well But now, in the rainy season, no one wants to have a long hair. But it’s okay because the short vintage hairstyles are cool too. Cut and handsome


The round-haired male hairstyle introduces hairstyle for men ,the cut, and then looks cool, looks good, stylish and helps to camouflage the face to look more slender. Try to be impressed and want to cut again.
          Most meaty men have problems with choosing haircuts to fit their own face. With a round shape that is limited Make the general look and not match as expected Can’t find the right shape.
          For overweight or have a round face, choose a hairstyle that is short, tall side, which will help the face look more slender. And avoid hairstyles that are round or long Because it will make the face look rounder than before
   And this is fat men’s haircuts, I’d like to recommend it.

Fade Cut

    Our house is called secondary. It is simple, basic that anyone can cut and look good. For the meaty boy, should choose as a secondary or a secondary Will help camouflage the face to look slender

Pompadour Fade Cut

          The popular vintage hairstyle, Pompadour, a plump young man can cut as well. By pairing with vice The top set hit a little bulging. Then curled down to the back So, this shape is very cool.
          Open the face, open the eyes with a comb to the back. A little beard Tell me cool Plus helps to make the round face look smoother But be careful not to make too long Otherwise, it will look fatter instead.

Curly Drop Fade

Curly hairstyles with double curls Another cool style that I would like to recommend to the young man. Try it once. Which the layer of bending will help attract the eye very well.

Buzz Cut

If you choose to cut short, then you have to give it a short cut. Do not let the whole head swell, otherwise the face will become shabby and look swollen. So pointed the target into the skinhead shape Or plain cropped, using a combination of methods, adding a little bit of patterning to help make it look cool than before.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men
Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Slicked Back

Open your eyes and open your eyes by combing backwards. Have a little beard Tell it. Cool. Also helps to make the round face look smoother as well But be careful not to have too long and fluffy hair Otherwise, it will look fatter instead.

Hairstyles for men at aged 50


Hairstyles for men aged 50, including men’s haircuts, vintage hairstyles, cool for men aged 50 years and over, with simple hair style selections that will help all big boys look good.

When before men began to grow older, they tend to be selfish. Not very serious about casting But nowadays the trend has changed Some big boys, 50 years old, still pay attention to taking care of their image and looking for cool hairstyles . Today, the dot-com bottle has a 50-year-old male hairstyle and a little trick. Have read and watched as ideas.

How to choose a hairstyle?

When wanting to be cool, be careful about choosing a hairstyle. Which the basic image of men over the age of 50 is quite discreet Look reliable And have a high smart Madman Therefore should have a modern, classic or vintage hair style that looks neat and has a small volume to make the fuse a little but very smooth.

Wide forehead 

For people with wide forehead or deep forehead try to avoid the haircut. The shape that is very short forward or flat set because it will make the width clear should choose a hairstyle that helps to obscure the empty space, such as the Fringe shape, the crop shape or the hairstyle, open the forehead to see each other will go But the set looks like a volume like Pompadour, Quiff.

Thin hair 

The hair that starts to thinner Recommended to choose a short hairstyle instead because the shorter the time, the more help you hide some and does not require a lot of customization causing some hair to fall further The perfect hairstyle for men, thin hair will be slicked back or Buzz Cut.

Gray hair must be concealed?

Gray hair, white hair is a problem that many men worry and undermine the confidence, but if asked whether they need white hair or not? The answer is depending on the needs of each person.
Because gray hair is not a serious matter. Some people think that it is even the charm of a 50 year old man. But for people with white hair and feel depressed, should use the method to cover the gray hair manage to return to the same black.

And this is a hairstyle example of a 50 year old man from these world-class celebrities.

Robert Downey Jr. (53 years old)

Actor Robert Downey Jr. attends the world premiere of “Spider-man: Homecoming” at the TCL Chinese Theater on June 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)

Beginning with the cast of actor Robert Downey Jr., or familiar with the Iron Man role with the Side Part hairstyles or the most classic hairstyles, but can be both cool and stylish, plus easy styling. It is probably the most suitable option for everyone.

Jim Carrey (57 years old)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 06: Jim Carrey attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/AFP

The person in the forehead is as wide as it says. To choose whether to close or shove up to see each other, will be like a talented actor Jim Carrey Which has chosen to make the hair style of the quiff, slacken up (but do not hit the bulge) But will add layers to make me look more volume and interesting Is a modern, cool, interesting, not less.

Josh Brolin (51 years old)

WESTWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 08: Actor Josh Brolin attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Only The Brave” at the Regency Village Theatre on October 8, 2017 in Westwood, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/AFP

Must admit that the hair was slicked back when Josh Brolin acted as a bad cable in the movie. Deadpool hero is a cool and wacky look. He cut the plowed side or undercut first, then set the hair to smooth the back side. Another vintage style that I would recommend Which some people can do as well

John Stamos (55 years old)

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 09: John Stamos attends the 2018 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/AFP

The sweet smiling hero who comes in like a pompadour, a tall hairstyle that hit the bulge in front, bends down to a vintage style. The classic style made when it looks cool and never out Change the look from the big boy to see the teenager immediately.

Brad Pitt (55 years old)

US actor Brad Pitt poses for photographers after arriving to attend the UK premiere of the film ‘Allied’ in Leicester Square, central London on November 21, 2016. (Photo by Adrian DENNIS / AFP)

Sometimes there is no need to think too much. Cut into a Fade Cut or a simple, youthful style. Brad Pitt is considered cool, not too light. Plus quite free style in the arrangement Will set any shape Whether or not the release set is good, this confirmation is through sure.

4 stories to tell the barber If you want a super cool hairstyle.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

4 things you need to clear with the barber to understand Then will have the coolest men’s haircuts as needed
One of the problems of every man in the world when he had to cut his hair.

 Is cut out, not like the heart, not like Cut short It’s not like this. Will solve, it is difficult to solve Finally, you may have to come to mind and endure with that hair style. And wait to see if the next time the technician will cut as needed Today we have a good article about cutting men’s haircuts. Tell the barber how to cut out the desired hairstyle.  Which has only 4 simple techniques as follows.

When did the technician say that the last haircut

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

 To tell the barber how long we have not cut hair Causing the technician to be able to estimate that when we were last haircut Which hairstyle should be short? Which in this case can help a lot if we want the original cutters And of course, each person’s hair will be equally long, so don’t worry. 

Tell us about our lifestyle.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Explaining to our technicians that will help the technician to choose the hair style that is more suitable for us, such as being a student or a businessman. May cut the male hairstyle Or if being an artist or a art person, may cut the male hairstyle open Considered as a way to help a lot in the event that we don’t know what to cut and want the assistant to decide for us .

To tell the details of the hair style clearly

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Telling the technician just “Here is a little short” or “here is a little long” is not enough Because the word is a bit short, each person’s length is not equal The barber wouldn’t be able to match the mind. Therefore, we may have to tell it more clearly, for example, here, how long, how many cm or how many inches? If you want to use clippers, it may be possible to tell which number of clippers to use. Where? If you want to cut out exactly as you want it to watch it all the time telling me to get a haircut, do not just wake up on May silver!

Take a look at the photos.

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

If I had already cut my hair like that Felt that this shape was cut and looked good. When going to the next haircut, he handed the picture to the watchman. 

Tell the technician that this And of course it should be our photo only Because the technician will see and know how to cut and come out. But if you want to try a new cut that has not been cut before, it may be necessary to use photos of other people or celebrities.

 Which can be found on the internet and social networks because of taking pictures of other people to see the technician sometimes, it might be difficult to cut. Because the front frame is not the same the thickness and appearance of the hair is not the same, such as straight hair, wavy hair, others cut this shape and handsome. But we cut this shape and maybe …….. Can

          Anyone who cuts a male hairstyle into a hairstyle doesn’t know how to use these techniques. Or if someone has some other tricks, try to comment. Or can share the experience of a haircut.


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