Unique hairstyle men
men Hairstyles 2019

Most of the men want cool looks but the thing is that they can’t find it easily. So, we decided to help you in your grooming and share the best unique hairstyles with you . Choose your cool hairstyle from below.

When you are done by choose comment your favorite one.

Long Comb Over + Short Sides + Cool Beard

unique hairstyle mens

This hairstyle is one of the unique hairstyles which gives you attractive look.You need short sides and long hair on top to have this hairstyle and you comb over your hair ,its done. Its up to you that you want a cool beard or not but if you have beard it gives you charm look too.

Classic Taper Fade + Textured Side Swept Front

men Hairstyles 2019

This hairstyle is very popular in teens . Classic Taper Fade with Textured Side Swept Front is one from the unique hairstyles. To have this hairstyle/haircut you just need taper fade on sides and medium length hair on top .


men Hairstyles 2019

Hairstyles with taper sides are in trending , so we have more hairstyle with taper sides. Point cut textured top with tapered sides is one from the unique hairstyles with high beard. As in the title of this hairstyle/haircut you know you just need medium length hair and a skill full barber who gives you point cut textured top and tapered sides. High Beard is optional for your look ,if this hairstyle suits ,that’s OK . And in case it not suits you try it with high beard , i know it takes time for the beard growth but no so long. High beard with this hairstyle gives you sexy look.

Mid Bald Fade + Textured Mohawk

men Hairstyles 2019

Mid bald fade with textured mohawk is a very popular hairstyle/haircut to have with short length hair.

Classic Pompadour + Taper Fade Sides

men Hairstyles 2019

Classic Pompadour with Taper fade sides is a very popular hairstyle/haircut to have with short length hair. This Hairstyle gives you a classic look . Whats you need to have it ? You just need a skill full barber that gives you this classic pompadour and this taper fade on sides.

Spike Top + Taper Fade

men Hairstyles 2019

Spiky hair with taper fade sides is very unique and popular hairstyle/haircut. Spiky hair contains short hair on the top and you also need taper fade sides.

High Skin Fade + Shape Up + Spiky Hair

men Hairstyles 2019

High skin fade with Spiky Hair is unique hairstyle in spiky hairstyles. The taper fade or high skin fade with the short spiky hair and shaped up will gives you a hot look.

men Hairstyles 2019

High-Low fade + modern quiff

men Hairstyles 2019

Modern Quiff is very popular in mens hairstyles and most of the men love this hairstyle . But high low fade with modern quiff is a unique hairstyle/haircut . You will get a sexy look to have this hairstyle. You just need medium length hair for a quiff and high low fade on sides.

Mohawk Undercut Haircut

men Hairstyles 2019

Mohawk hairstyles are very popular in teens. This hairstyles have many types and this hairstyle is one from it. This hairstyle have very unique Mohawk with undercut sides that makes it more attractive.

men Hairstyles 2019

Comb Over Long Hair

men Hairstyles 2019

This Comb over long hair have classic look. This hairstyle have long hair on the top that you have to comb over and short scissor cut on the sides. This classic hairstyle is very simple and popular .

High Top + High Low Fade

men Hairstyles 2019

This High top with high low fade hairstyle have hot look. This hairstyle have long hair on the top that you have to make high comb over and high low fade on the sides. This high low fade is separated by a line.

Long Hair + Tapered Sides

men Hairstyles 2019

This hairstyle (long hair with tapered sides) is very popular in long hairstyles. This hairstyle is very unique and simple . It gives you very stylish and fashionable look . And here just you need to have long haircut and tapered sides. Comb your top hair on the side to have this look.

OK , That’s it please comment below .


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