Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for women

  Short hairstyles for women to have a modern, beautiful look. Any short hair girl who is looking for short hair style ideas to create a chic and trendy way to follow.

  Short-haired women tend to have an advantage over those who wash and set their hair in daily life. Because just blowing the hair for a few minutes instantly dries Grab the comb and set the shape a little bit, you can go out already But when having to attend a job, girls with short hair may have to do homework harder than those with long hair Since the length of the hair may not be enough to create the desired style.

          However, these problems are unlikely to happen to superstars. Because even though they have short hair, they still create beautiful looks and can be unbelievable. Today, the hair trend will gather short hairstyles for celebrities at the front so that short hair girls will have ideas to try out their hair. How stylish or chic Let’s see

1. Comb to open the hair like a face.

2. Straight Bob

Anyone who has long hair but wants to try to shorten their hair at the event like Am Phatcharapha is probably not too cute.

3. The new small wave perm

4. Wet Comb shape

Make a wet comb shape to look cool. Ploy Horwang style was able to work out.

5. Patty Angsumalin’s Short hair

 Who has the same short hair as Patty Angsumalin, then slightly touch the blister and attach a cute clip together.

6. Short Hair with Ribbon

Bind the ribbon to be sweet like Om Piyada, guaranteed to be pretty.

7. Hair with swans 

Hair with swans on the tip like Jui Waratya will add gimic to make short hair look more chic.

8. Throw Off 

Chanchai Gaia would like to throw off cute images to a beautiful, elegant style.

9. Curling and loosening

Curling and loosening, then set to give a little more style, then can work out as striking like Ida.

10. Short Hair with Spicy Braid style

Kwan Nattaya’s song with a spicy braid style.

11. Curly Short hair style

Nun Nuengthida and curly hair style that can tell that very much.

12. Parting hair on the side

Parting hair on the side, perming tight curls like Amy, smells beautiful, looks the most expensive.

13. Chippi Sirin’s short hairstyle

Chippi Sirin, in a short hairstyle, has a sweet event.

14. Brittany Xavier’s Short Hairstyle

Brittany Xavier bumped my base into a luxury event. It looks good, not difficult.

15. Dua Lipa;s Short Hairstyle

Or to be a direct driver like Dua Lipa is pretty no less face anyone for sure.

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