6 Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

Another hit from the first day of the event was the side stripe. Well marked in straight hair as seen in the Jena Theo fashion show or in conjunction with the frayed hair of Zoë Jordan’s ponytails; the way to split the strands is perfect for all hair lengths and textures.

The married trend to the ” pajama ” style proposed by winter fashion; the hair “woke up and I’m beautiful effortlessly” also gained space during British fashion week. 

The proposal is from stylist Zoë Jordan, who has in androgyne one of her “brands”. Good news for those who have difficulty taming the frizz of the new wires.

In vogue on the catwalks in recent seasons; the so-called ” new futurism ” proposes more usable forms of looks with hints of tomorrow. Instead of plastic dresses from the 1960s, technological fabrics and other new materials come into play. 

The beauty field followed the trend and suggested subtly futuristic hairstyles. An easy example to copy is the look of Fyodor Golan. Who brought wicks pulled beyond the half of the head with wet effect gel? 

Another exciting possibility is the look of Bora Aksu. Who showed intergalactic hair even with the handmade touch of the knitting tiara. The famous Princess Leia, from “Star Wars” would look amazing with this look!

In the hall of the most daring looks is Jean-Pierre Braganza, who has invested in a double hairstyle. From the front, the hair looks pure, with long strands and impeccably straight. On the side is that you notice that the look has an element of surprise; a “roll” bun on top of the head.

Here are the 6 Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

In Zoë Jordan’s fashion show, the looks for a comfortable winter won the company of “I just woke up” hairstyles. Low ponytails, with side stripes and loose threads, gave grace to brown and blonde hair

Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

On the Bora Aksu catwalk, the hairstyle appears in the background; tamed by the gel, tightly braided bun, and under the crochet tiara. The visual combines romantic airs with discreet futurism.

Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

Hair is hidden under beautiful tiaras of flowers and pompoms; the hair idealized for Eudon Choi’s fashion show comes polished, tightly tied in low ponytails. The stripe divides the middle of the head well. More behaved, impossible!

Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

From the front, the hairstyles seen on Jean-Pierre Braganza’s catwalk seem simple, but on the side, the magic happens. A small bun crowns the top of the head and removes the “flatness” look from the sameness.

Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

For the more daring; the PPQ brand paraded buns that combine the retro style of the 1950s with the rebellion of multicolored threads. Those who want to try the look with less color can adopt the frayed texture of the bun and the graceful tuft.

Hairstyles For Women From London Fashion Week

Another carefully disheveled look was seen in the winter presentation of Sass & amp bide. Medium half-broken buns accompanied the dreaded frizz, which in this case is what differentiates the look.

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