7 Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

Seven tips for caring for women’s hair after getting drenched in the rain. Rain easily makes the hair look beautiful, not dry, damp. How can I take care of the hair for people with wet hair? During this period, it often rains. Girls, let’s see.

Hair care after the rain

Most women don’t carry an umbrella with them on rainy days. With a bag size that is too small or may forget to hold it, sometimes causing to run through the rain to return to the office to sit and continue working or had to run in the rain to return home in the evening until causing concerns and concerns about how to care for the hair after the rain, so as not to damage the hair then if wet can not wash your hair?

Indeed, the hair that is exposed to rainwater doesn’t just have moisture left behind. But dirt and germs in the rainwater may be attached to our hair without knowing it. 

Therefore, every time you wash your hair after getting wet is necessary, which girls must do first when returning home. Or, if inconvenient, you should find a way to dry the hair as quickly as possible. 

Don’t let the hair get wet for a long time until getting damp and oily hair because it may cause the flu.

Therefore, to help girls’ hair properly, the hair trend has seven hair care tips after getting drenched in the rain to leave and care for those who have to go to work—and caring for people who have returned home successfully what should you do? Let’s see the secret.

1. Dry your hair

Suppose it has been rainy and hasn’t returned home. Should find a cloth or tissue paper to dry the rain. In order not to be damp and the dirt that comes with the rain will be reduced when absorbing the rainwater as well.

Hair care after the rain-hair care tips
Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

2. Avoid hair binding

When it comes to rain, there is business to do. Many girls choose to tie their hair to cover the wetness on the head so that no one can notice. But tied my hair like that May create dampness and smells more than you think; If there is no paper or liner, it is better to let the hair dry on its own.

3. Blow the hair completely.

Although the rain may not be heavy and the hair is just a little damp, not wet. Do not overlook until allowing the hair to dry. Sometimes the moisture in the hair can cause musty odors or mold. Therefore, use a hairdryer until completely dry and then apply the serum for hair 1 round and finish with the hairdryer. Just like this, the hair will return to be as beautiful as the new pool.

Hair care after the rain-hair care tips
Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

4. Use a large comb to comb the hair

Wet hair from rain will be weaker than usual. If you use a comb, brush, or regular comb to organize your hair immediately, it can easily be torn. To prevent this and need to comb my hair, it’s better to use a large comb to comb. This will make the hair look beautiful without breaking.

5. Do not touch your hair too often.    

Once the rain the hair gets wet, like washing damp hair, many young women will be habitual to keep combing their hair. Hoping that the hair will dry faster but doing so will stimulate the scalp to produce too much oil. When the hair is dry from the rain, it will become oily hair instead.

6. Ferment the hair to wash dirt.

Dirt that comes with rain Just using shampoo to wash out is not enough. Must use fermentation to wash the dirt together with the best. By using half a cup of baking soda, mix with 3 cups warm water, stir well. Then wash your hair with water just enough to get wet and then use baking soda to wash the hair, massage for 3-5 minutes, ending with regular hair washing. Just this, all the dirt from the rainwater washed away.

Hair care after the rain-hair care tips
Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

7. Complete hair wash

Haircare after the rain is right and the best. Probably would not escape the process of washing the hair completely. Start by washing your hair thoroughly with warm water for about 3 minutes and then using a gentle shampoo and massage onto the scalp. Then use conditioner or treatment to nourish as a last step. Marinate for 3 minutes then rinse with cold water. Finishes the process of quickly recovering beautiful hair from the rain.

Apply these methods of hair care tips after getting drenched in rain for the next time.

Next time, if the girls encounter a rainstorm until the hair is wet, try to apply these methods of hair care tips after getting drenched in rain. Ensure that the hair will be beautiful and without the flu because of the rain.

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