Afro Taper Fade Haircut: A Stylish and Versatile Look

The afro taper fade haircut is a trendy and popular hairstyle that combines classic afro with a modern fade. This unique haircut has gained immense popularity among black men due to its stylish and versatile appeal.

By blending the natural texture of the Afro with a neatly tapered fade on the sides and back, the Afro taper fade offers a fresh and contemporary look that suits various occasions and personal styles.

With its roots in African and African-American culture, the Afro has been a symbol of pride, identity, and fashion. Over the years, it has evolved into different variations, and the incorporation of a fade has become a transformative trend.

The Afro Taper Fade brings together the best of both worlds, celebrating natural curls while adding a touch of sophistication through the tapering technique.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into what exactly constitutes an Afro taper fade haircut, explore some of the best taper fades for black men, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this stylish haircut.

What Is an Afro Taper Fade Haircut?

The Afro taper fade is a unique hairstyle that combines the voluminous and textured appearance of the Afro with the sleek and clean look of a fade. The hairstyle features a gradual transition from longer hair at the top, styled in a classic Afro shape, to shorter hair on the sides and back, tapered down to the skin.

Unlike a traditional high-top fade or low fade, the Afro taper fade incorporates the natural texture of tightly coiled or curly hair.

This blending of the Afro with the fade creates a striking contrast, allowing the hair on top to stand out while maintaining a well-groomed and polished appearance on the sides and back.

The versatility of the Afro taper fade makes it suitable for various hair lengths and textures, making it an ideal choice for black men who want a stylish and contemporary haircut that embraces their natural curls or kinks.

Whether worn in a bold and voluminous manner or a more subtle and tapered look, the Afro Taper Fade celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Best Taper Fades for Black Men

Low Skin Fade Afro Taper:

The low skin fade Afro Taper combines the classic Afro with a low fade that gradually tapers down to the skin. This style offers a clean and polished look while maintaining the distinct shape of the Afro on top.

High Fade Afro Taper:

The high fade Afro Taper features a more dramatic contrast between the longer hair on top and the closely tapered sides and back. This high-contrast style accentuates the volume and texture of the Afro while adding a bold and edgy touch.

Temple Fade Afro Taper:

The temple fade Afro Taper incorporates a gradual fade around the temples, creating a neat and defined hairline. This style complements the natural shape of the Afro and provides a sharp and refined appearance.

Burst Fade Afro Taper:

The burst fade Afro Taper showcases a distinctive rounded shape around the ears, creating a “burst” effect. This unique fade variation adds an artistic and eye-catching element to the haircut.

Nice Variation of this one is the modern burst fade mohawk.

Drop Fade Afro Taper:

The drop fade Afro Taper features a fade that drops down behind the ears, creating a seamless blend from the longer hair on top to the tapered sides. This style adds an element of sophistication and elegance to the overall look.

Shadow Fade Afro Taper:

The shadow fade Afro Taper offers a subtle and gradual transition from the longer hair to the faded sides, creating a seamless blend that looks natural and effortless.

Curly Top Taper:

The curly top taper features a more pronounced curly or kinky texture on top, which is then tapered down on the sides and back. This style highlights the natural texture of the hair while providing a well-groomed and modern appearance.

Each of these taper fade variations complements the Afro in its own unique way, allowing black men to choose a style that best suits their personal preferences and facial features.

Whether it’s a bold high fade or a subtle shadow fade, the Afro Taper Fade offers a wide range of choices for those looking to embrace their natural hair while staying on-trend and stylish.

How to Do an Afro Taper Fade

Achieving a flawless Afro Taper Fade requires skill, precision, and attention to detail. Whether you’re a seasoned barber or someone looking to cut their own hair, follow these step-by-step instructions to create this stylish and versatile haircut:


Ensure the hair is clean and dry for ease of cutting. Gather the necessary tools, including clippers, clipper guards of varying lengths, scissors or shears, a comb, and a spray bottle with water.

Have a mirror or two available for different angles during the cutting process.

Sectioning the Hair:

Part the hair horizontally around the head, separating the longer top section from the sides and back that will be tapered.

Tapering the Sides and Back:

Start with a higher clipper guard (e.g., #2) and begin cutting the hair on the sides and back above the temple area.

Work your way down, using shorter clipper guard lengths (e.g., #1 or #0.5) as you progress, to create a seamless fade.

Blending the Fade:

To achieve a smooth blend, use clipper-over-comb or fading techniques, keeping a steady hand to avoid harsh lines.

Pay close attention to the transition area between the longer hair and the fade, ensuring a gradual decrease in length.

Tapering the Neckline and Sideburns:

Define and shape the neckline by creating a clean, rounded, or squared edge, depending on the client’s preference.

Taper the sideburns accordingly, blending them into the fade.

Trimming the Top:

For the top section (Afro), assess the desired length and shape with the client’s input.

Use scissors or shears to trim and shape the curls while maintaining the natural volume.

Detailing and Finishing:

Check for symmetry and balance on both sides to ensure a uniform look.

Use the comb and scissors to touch up any uneven sections or stray hairs.

Clean Up:

Brush away any loose hair clippings and use a towel to wipe off excess hair from the client’s neck and shoulders.

If needed, style the Afro using appropriate hair products to enhance the curls and hold the desired shape.

Remember, practice and patience are key to mastering the Afro Taper Fade. It may take a few attempts to achieve the perfect blend and shape, so don’t be discouraged by initial results.

If you’re unsure about performing the cut yourself, it’s always best to seek the expertise of a professional barber to ensure a flawless and satisfying outcome.


The Afro Taper Fade haircut is a stylish and versatile hairstyle that blends the classic Afro with a modern fade, resulting in a look that celebrates natural curls or kinks while maintaining a polished and well-groomed appearance on the sides and back.

This haircut has become immensely popular among black men due to its ability to showcase their unique hair texture and individuality.

The Afro Taper Fade offers a wide range of variations, including low skin fades, high fades, burst fades, and more, allowing individuals to choose a style that best complements their personal preferences and facial features.

Whether you prefer a bold and edgy look or a subtle and sophisticated style, the Afro taper fade can be tailored to suit your taste and lifestyle.