The Beard Fade: How To Trim And Style At Home

A beard fade is the best way to give your facial hair a modern update and stay on trend. A more manageable and polished beard helps blend facial hairs for a seamless look. Beard fades, however, number in the millions. Therefore, you will have complete freedom of selection. Check out our instructional guide if you’re interested in learning how to fade your beard.

Here is the collection of fade-beard styles that look cool and stylish.

What Do You Call A Beard Fade?

What, exactly, is a fade beard? Knowing the fade concept will make visualizing a faded beard much easier. It’s a style of facial hair in which the beard is cut to varying lengths, starting short by the cheeks and growing longer toward the jaw.

Will A Faded Beard Work For Me?

There’s good reason to avoid sporting a faded beard. Despite its useful features, it’s not a good fit for everyone. Not only will you learn how to shape and groom your beard, but you’ll also pick up some helpful tips on how to keep it looking great. You should probably look elsewhere if you cannot give it the time and effort it deserves. Additionally, you might have the willpower to get your beard faded. However, your facial hair pattern may be erratic, leading to a patchy beard that defies all attempts at a fade.

Can I Do It At Home?

Fading yourself is very similar to learning how to fade someone else and can be done by anyone. If you don’t already have them, you should have a beard comb, a razor, and an adjustable trimmer or clippers on hand. Technology is also an important factor. Thankfully, we’ve gone into more detail with our explanation.

How To Fade Beard Like A Pro

Is there a special way to cut a beard that has faded over time? It would be best to wash it with beard shampoo to get a clean and fresh look. After that, apply beard oil to keep it moisturized, and brush your facial hair to get rid of tangles. The outer edge of the beard around the neck should run parallel to your jawline, so grab the clippers or trimmer without a guard and trace that line. Then switch to a 6 mm grade two blade and work your way down from the ears to the chin. In other words, any fuzziness will be eliminated.

Let’s finally get to the bottom: what’s the best way to cut a beard? Take off about a centimeter of hair from around your ears, and no more. Grade 1 material, or 3 mm in width, should be used again to cover the area beneath and above the existing layer. Make a clean transition between sections trimmed with 1 and 2 grades using blades opened to 1.5 or 4.5 mm. Create a seamless transition between sections cut with 0 and 1 grades with no guard and blades open to 0.5, which is 1.5 mm. Finally, use a razor to smooth out the rough spots.

How to Style A Faded Beard?

Any choice of faded beards requires shears, a beard trimmer, and a comb. Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, proceed as follows:

  • If you want a shorter beard, just run the trimmer over your entire face.
  • Trim your lip and chin hair with a detailing clipper. 
  • Nevertheless, it is best if you don’t choose a length that’s too short, as you’ll want some flexibility later on.
  • Draw a line from the base of your neck up to the peak of your Adam’s apple. Ensure that any stray hairs are shaved off.
  • Use a detail trimmer to plot the thinning area by joining the hair in the ear lobes and the cheek line.
  • Trim the beard to within half an inch of the fading line using the clippers’ zero setting. Reduce your downward momentum by shifting the lever up half an inch.
  • If the desired result is a faded, short beard, you can either stop there or fade it.
  • Remove the stubble from the corners of your mouth by shaving.
  • Apply a small amount of your preferred aftershave lotion to the freshly shaven areas.

The Best Faded Beard Styles For Men

You’ve learned how to fade your facial hair, so now it’s time to pick out a stylish and complementing beard. In any case, there is a wide variety of faded beard styles to choose from. The best option is the one that speaks to you the most.

Long Faded Beard

There are many benefits of learning how to fade a beard, including the fact that you can finally enjoy the look of a long beard without sacrificing your hygiene. Fading a beard helps it blend in with your hair, which is ideal for shaping. How long your beard entirely depends on you.


Mid-Length Faded Beard

A middle fade is a way to go if you can’t decide between going too high or too low. This cut of beard will give you a refined, modern look that’s appropriate for both business and pleasure. This look is great because it complements a wide variety of hairdos.


Short Faded Beard

Adding a fade to the back and sides of your haircut will help you achieve a high-contrast style. A high skin fade will give you the confidence and edge you’ve always wanted. You can mix it with a beard fade if you like, as doing so will give you a neat look.


Skin Fade With Beard

Adding a fade to the back and sides of your haircut will help you achieve a high-contrast style. A high skin fade will give you the confidence and edge you’ve always wanted. You can mix it with a beard fade if you like, as doing so will give you a neat look.


Thick Cropped Bang

Fading your beard does not require a short cut. Therefore, you can still rock a beard fade if you prefer a long, thick facial hair style. The hair around your temples should be the shortest; grow it to meet your thick mustache.


Cropped Cut With Design

This style is perfect for you if you enjoy the spotlight. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get a short haircut and add some intricate hair decoration to it. This style works great with a wide variety of beard lengths and fades.


Black Men Faded Beard

For Afro-American men, this is a common style of facial hair. It helps you look put together while adding a fascinating layer of complexity to your style. In addition, you can select from a wide variety of faded beard styles, both short and long.


Faux Hawk With Beard

The best part about getting a fade is experimenting with different hairstyles. A beard can help you feel less “naked” if you opt for a bald fade on the sides and back.


Thick Buzzed Beard With Curls

This buzzed beard style looks best on men with thick hair. It makes maintaining your facial hair much less challenging as it thins it out. This means that even if you have long hair, say in a man bun. You can still look sharp.


Edged Light

Like trendy, attention-grabbing hairstyles? Indeed, we suspect the same is true of facial hair. We see no reason for you not to wear them together as a complete ensemble. Complement the look by drawing a line across the forehead and cheekbones for an edgy outline to tie the whole thing together.


As you can see, many cool beard fade options are available in today’s grooming culture. The length, aesthetic, and atmosphere they complement can vary widely. If you’re interested in learning how to rock a faded beard, we hope this article has given you some ideas and motivation.

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