5 Factors That Determine How Long Your Lash Tint Will Last

Eyelash tinting is a quick and easy way to achieve thicker, bolder, and darker eyelashes. The dye used in this treatment can be dark brown, black, or a mix of both to match your natural eye color.

While this is a relatively low-maintenance procedure, some factors can affect how long it lasts. Here are 5 of them.

Your Natural Lashes

A lash tint uses a vegetable-based dye to darken your natural eyelashes. The results usually last four to six weeks. For those with light lashes, the paint will create a much-needed definition.

The lash tech will consult with you on your preferred look. She may suggest a lighter tint color if you are concerned about the dye being too harsh.

A good lash technician will also ask about any sensitivities to the dye. They will perform a patch test a day or two before your appointment to ensure you are not allergic.

Your lashes will also benefit from using a gentle eyelash cleanser and moisturizing eye cream. They will be less prone to breakage if you avoid rubbing them and use a silk pillowcase.

Your Skin

Aside from the natural eyelash growth cycle, your skin determines how long does a lash tint last. If your skin is very oily, the paint will wash off more quickly than if your skin is dry.

If you’re concerned about your skin reacting to the dye, some recommend running a patch test before booking your appointment. Symptoms of irritation can include itching, stinging, watery eyes, and swelling around the eye area.

To reduce your risk of irritation, it’s recommended to avoid wearing makeup on the day of your appointment and self-tanners that may affect the tint color. Your esthetician will also set up protective pads around your eyes to prevent the dye from getting into nooks and crannies.

Your Lifestyle

Lash tints are a one-off treatment that gives you the look of mascara without needing messy application and upkeep. The semi-permanent dye darkens your natural eyelashes and can last up to six weeks. However, some activities and products can affect the longevity of a lash tint.

You’ll want to avoid chlorine, oily eye makeup, and frequent contact with water, as these can fade your lashes. You’ll also want to minimize how often you touch your eyes and wash your face. If you do, use gentle cleansers and avoid oil-based ones.

Your Lashes

Unlike mascara, which can have some lash-killing severe ingredients, tints contain a safe semi-permanent vegetable dye. They suit those with sparse eyelashes who want their lashes to look darker. They also help those who have trouble using or wearing mascara due to eye sensitivity, allergies, and other issues.

A lash or eyebrow tint lasts about a month and can be repeated as needed. You may notice that your lashes look lighter after a while, but this is normal and happens because the dye-coated lashes naturally fall out and are replaced with new lashes.

Avoid harsh skin care products and sun exposure to prolong your lash tint. The sun has a bleaching effect, similar to chlorine in the pool, and can change the color of your lash tint.

Your Lashes’ Care

It’s important to remember that your eyelashes and the surrounding skin are delicate. It’s common to see some redness, irritation, or itchiness after a lash tint.

It is recommended to avoid getting your eyes or lashes wet for 24 hours after a lash tint appointment. This gives the dye time to settle into your lashes and prevents it from washing off too soon.

It’s also recommended to use a gentle cleanser, such as a gel or cream-based cleanser. Oily products will strip the tint from your lashes, which can cause them to fade quicker than you’d like. This will also help keep your lashes healthy, prolonging your lash tint’s longevity.