How To Cut Bangs Yourself (Guide)

With the hustle and bustle of contemporary women’s day, having the manual skills and learning some practical tips on things you can do yourself is a hand in the wheel. Those who have bangs know how fast they grow, fall into the eyes and bother, and are even irritate. The solution to the lack of time for salon visits is learning at home. The tips are practical and do not take much time.

Straight Bangs

The idea is for women with straight hair to cut the straight bangs with wet strands. As for curly and frizzy hair, it is best to cut the bangs dry to observe the strands’ actual length, as this type of hair will shrink after drying. Divide the front of the hair with a fine comb, the ones that hairdressers use all the time in the salon, in a triangle shape to separate the strand from the bangs. Then, measure the bangs’ desired height and cut a couple of inches below the mark to avoid the risk of the strands becoming shorter than desired. To get the cut right, it is necessary to cut the tips in a very subtle way so as not to clip them. This care must be millimetric.

Twist the fringe’s bang

For those not skilled with scissors, an alternative is to twist the fringe’s bang. That will be divided into a triangle and cut at the desired height. Regardless of the usual hair texture, it is essential to pass the board after cutting to modulate the shape and check that it is not crooked. Besides, it is necessary to use special hair scissors with fine tips.

It is also worth remembering that the height and width of the triangle influence the fringe model. If the triangle is too narrow, with the tip longer than the base size. The fringe will be concentrated more in the center of the face, up to half of the eyebrows. This model works best for those with a wide forehead. On the other hand, thin-faced owners will be better off with a wider bang that extends to the temples. For this, the triangle must be wider than it is long.

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