Perfect Curls: Learn How to Strengthen the Waves of your hair

Those who have curly hair already know: in addition to taking care and moisturizing, the threads need products that shape the perfect curls and do not leave the curls out of place. The first step in stunning curly hair is cutting. A scissors specialist will help create the necessary layers for waves to form. If the strands become too heavy, the effect can be a smooth root and curly length. Better to invest in a powerful look from root to tip.

Attention in the first steps

From there, care starts with choosing the shampoo and conditioner that must match the type of hair. Nowadays, there are products for more open or closed curls, thin or thick strands, or for those that are dry on the ends and oily on the root.

To model, curly hair has many options. The most common finisher is the cream without rinsing; leave-in, suitable for all hair types. It controls the volume and moisturizes the strands and should be applied with damp hair from the middle of the strands. The curl activator’s texture is different, more liquid, and must be used in the same way as the leave-in, kneading to form waves.

The ointment shapes the hairstyles in addition to taming the ends of the hair and the bangs. Those with oily hair should invest in the oil-free version because the product leaves the hair more oily even in small amounts.

The gel gives the curls more excellent fixation. The product has several versions that can provide a wet effect or a more rigid aspect, defining the bunch. The spray is great for those who want more volume at the root, setting the hair and ensuring a sexier look. The thicker the wire, the greater the fixation. To do this, spray on the root and fix it with your fingers.

The mousse is ideal for curly hair. The foam can be spread on dry or damp hair from the root to add volume. The tip repairer seals the double tip, adds shine, and fights frizz. It is indicated for dry hair and should only be applied to damaged areas.


Finally, let it dry naturally, or use the diffuser. Remember not to comb dry hair because it can break the strands in addition to undoing the curls. If necessary, the best combs for curly hair are those with wide teeth and wood because they help remove electricity and static from the hair, avoiding frizz on the strands.

Besides knowing how to model the hair, it is essential to moisturize at least every 15 days. Curly hair is naturally more dry than straight hair because the natural oil on the scalp has more difficulty reaching the hair’s ends because of the waves. I prefer hydrating masks that contain lanolin, shea butter, keratin, or collagen due to the emollient formula that improves the structure and elasticity of hair.

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