12 Trendy Hair Colors for the Winter Season

Is Your Hair Ready for Winter? It’s unbelievable how the world is about to bid another year goodbye to welcome a new beginning. But before completely closing the 2023 chapter in your life, why not focus on a fresh change in your appearance?
Nothing says “fresh new start” better than brand new hair color. The right shade elevates your look and makes you feel like taking on a new persona.
So if you love changing their hairstyle and color to match their mood or the season, here are some fun and fresh hair color ideas to inspire your next makeover.

A Perfect Mix of Subtle and Bold

Most hair color trends this winter are all about the power of subtlety. In the past, candy colors were quite popular. But this time, the focus deviates toward shades that can suit a broader range of individuals and looks. On the other hand, if you love taking risks with a standout look, don’t worry! There are still some bright, bold shades in this list.

Go for the Gold

First on the list is golden blonde. Warm shades are not just reserved for the sunnier and hotter seasons. You can rock them even during the colder months of the year. This color is so bright that you will effortlessly light up any room you enter—literally.

Bronde & Balayage

Bronde means a color combination of brown and blonde. The combination perfectly makes you stand out without drawing too much attention. It’s easy to style because it suits different looks and ages. It can go from a stylish daytime look to a fun and edgy ensemble.

Sweet Like Caramel

Caramel highlights on any dark-colored hair look visibly stunning. It’s like a peek-a-boo of light and color that is both tamed yet quirky. The contrasting dark, light, and soft hues add some sexiness to your appearance with a hint of mysteriousness.

Blonde, but More Fun

You can make your gorgeous blonde hair more exciting by adding highlights. Some of the perfect shades for the winter to add depth to your luscious locks include strawberry, vanilla, and champagne blonde. Whichever color or hue you pick will add more zing to your already vivacious hair color.

Warm Auburn

What makes winter even better? Coziness and warmth to balance the cold. Did you know you can also achieve the same warm and enticing feeling through your hair color? Auburn is a striking hue that reminds you of embers and bright bonfires. You can go full-on auburn or have a touch of the said color on the tips of your hair.

Chic Chestnut

Speaking of hair colors that remind you of warmth and coziness, chestnut hair also helps achieve that. By blending dark and light brown hues, this color is perfect for those who want to try something different with their hair without going overboard.

Coco Loco

The coconut hair color trend is a combination of dark-colored roots that transitions into a lighter, icy blonde color in the middle, going down to the ends of your hair. If you have a quirky personality, you might want to try this.

Poppin’ Pink

Winter is not just about cool hues or contrasting warm shades. You can also add a touch of craziness and eye-catching bright colors. Pink is a definite showstopper because it can be bright or toned down, yet it never fails to add an X-factor to any hairstyle. Some interesting variations of pink hair color to try to include rose pink, mahogany pink, and cotton candy.

Pretty in Platinum

Catch the dazzling light and sparkle of the winter night sky with platinum highlights. Whether you have naturally black hair or brown locks, the tinge of pure white on your tresses is sure to make you look even more mesmerizing without even trying.


Lavender is a cool color with delicate softness and elegance to it. Despite exuding calm energy, this pastel shade on your hair instantly makes you look calm, collected, and sensuous. Icy lavender, a version of this hair color trend, sports a lighter shade with specks of silver and platinum shine when it hits the light.

Black and Silver

Do you want to channel your inner Cruella de Vil but enhance it with your touch? How about pitch-black roots with icy grey-silver ends? Even if you are not a model, you are sure to look like an editorial supermodel who walked straight out of the covers of a high-fashion magazine.

Aqua Blue

Aqua blue reminds you of the sea. It is bright and cool at the same time. It takes a lot of courage and boldness to don this hue. At the same time, it is quite high maintenance. This color photographs beautifully—even when you’re in your pajamas and just woke up. It makes you look like a laid-back and too-cool-for-school celebrity.

There you have it! Twelve fantastic, trendy, and must-try hair colors for the winter season. If you are having trouble picking a hue that will suit you, you can always head to the nearest salon and ask for some expert tips. Each hair color varies in terms of how much maintenance it needs, so choose one that suits your lifestyle best. Most importantly, your hair must be in great condition before having it treated with dye to protect it from possible damage.