50s Men’s Hairstyles ideas

Who said this age couldn’t cut cool hair? In the past, when men grew older, they tended to release their essence. Not very serious about being handsome, but now the trend has changed. Some big boys who are 50 years old still care about their appearance and are looking for cool men’s hairstyles. I want to bring 50s men’s hairstyles with a little trick for everyone.

How do you choose from 50s men’s hairstyles?

When you want to be cool, you must be careful in choosing your hairstyle. The primary image of a man aged 50 years and over is quite discreet. Look trustworthy and has a wise man. Therefore, modern, classic, or vintage hairstyles should look neat and have a bit of volume to mix smoothly but dressy.

Wide forehead 

For those who have a wide forehead or a deep side forehead, try to avoid parting hair. A very short front cut or a straight cut. Because it will make the width more visible, choose a hairstyle that hides the space, such as a fringe, a crop, or an open forehead hairstyle. But set it to look volumetric, such as a pompadour or quiff style.

Thin hair 

As for people with thinning hair, it is advisable to opt for a short hairstyle instead. Because the shorter it is, the more it helps hide the thinness. And they don’t need a lot of decoration, causing some hair to fall out. The slicked back or the buzz cut is suitable for men’s hairstyles with thin hair.

Do I have to cover my grey hair?

Grey hair and white hair is a problem that many men worry about and undermine their confidence, but if asked whether they need white hair or not? The answer depends on the needs of each person.
Because grey hair is not a serious matter, some people think that it is even the charm of a 50-year-old man. But people with white hair who feel depressed should use the method to cover the grey hair and manage to return to the same black.

50s Men’s Hairstyles

And these men’s hairstyles are the perfect example of a 50-year-old man from these world-class celebrities.

Robert Downey Jr. (53 years old)

Let’s start with the handsome actor Robert Downey Jr. or familiar with the role of Iron Man with a side part hairstyle or a very basic hairstyle, but both look neat, cool, and age-appropriate, plus it’s easy to style. Probably the most suitable option for everyone that has it all.

Jim Carrey (57 years old)

People with wide foreheads are, like I said. Let’s choose whether to close or play up to see each other like a young Jim Carrey, a very talented actor. Who decides to do the Quiff? The hair is curled up (but not bulged) and can be brushed sideways or backwards. Instead, add layers to make my hair look more volume and attractive. It’s a modern, cool shape that’s no less interesting.

Josh Brolin (51 years old)

I have to admit, the slicked-back hairstyle when Josh Brolin portrayed the villain in Deadpool, Cable villain, was cool and cool, with an undercut first and then slicking the top of his hair back. Another vintage style that I would like to recommend. People with thin hair can do that as well.

John Stamos (55 years old)

The lead actor has a sweet smile that comes with a pompadour-like shape. The high, bulging hairdos in the front curve in a vintage style. A classic cut that’s always cool and never goes out of style. Change the look from a big boy to looking more teenager immediately.

Brad Pitt (55 years old)

Sometimes there’s no need to overthink it. A fade cut or a simple undershirt like Brad Pitt is cool too. Plus quite freestyle in terms of styling. Can set any shape, Or leave the set. It looks good. Confirm this shape through for sure.