Buzz Cut Hairstyles for men | Short Men’s Haircuts

Buzz Cut Hairstyles for men

Buzz Cut, a short, cool hairstyle for men. Cool and done. Of course, the hairstyle is essential for men quite a bit. It is something that helps change the look from a classic look to look handsome instantly. The Buzz Cut hairstyles are hot hit on the hair from the past to the present. Then, we brought the haircut method to leave each other.

How is the Buzz Cut hairstyle?

Buzz Cut is a short hairstyle for men that emphasizes simplicity. Cut this style and then head comfortably. Suitable for hot weather in our country ever. With the hairs on the top and the sides having the same length Which whether you have thin hair or thick hair, can cut your hair like this But is quite suitable for people with a little square face, cheekbones, and a narrow jaw

Buzz Cut Male Hairstyles

Buzz Cut haircuts

Man who wants to try this haircut by themselves. Let me say that it’s not as difficult as you think. First, we should dry the hair every time. Because wet hair doesn’t just make it challenging to cut, but also causes hair fragments to get stuck in the clippers as well by starting with the clipper and the comb no. 4, plow the sides out first, Followed by the top. If feeling that the hair is still too long and thick, Then continue to reduce the number of the comb, the hair will become thinner as well. You should also plow the hair from the front to the back in one way.

How many types of Buzz Cut hair? 

Although superficially, the Buzz Cut hair looks like a skinhead, there are six styles to choose from, divided by the length of the hair:

1. Induction

Induction is the shortest Buzz Cut hairstyle. Also very easy to cut by plowing only with the clippers no need to use no. 2  comb 

2. Burrs.

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For the burr style, it has a bit longer hair than the first one. Who wants this hairstyle? We recommend using a comb number 1, 2 or 3 

3. Butch.

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For this hairstyle, use a clipper and a comb no. 4 to plow the hair, giving a look that looks and hair that is slightly longer than a burr style hair. 

4. Crew Cut

Buzz Cut Male Hairstyles

Crew Cut is a style that will not look too short. Which the top hair is longer than the side and can use 5 Flat Top handsome styling gel.

5. Flat Top

Buzz Cut Male Hairstyles

While Flat Top is a Buzz Cut hairstyle that is different from other styles By plowing the sides of the hair short with a comb number 1 or 2 for the top part, cut it a little short then use the pomade to set the top hair to be in shape.

6. High & Tight

Buzz Cut Male Hairstyles

Finish with a High & Tight hairstyle that requires plowing the side hair up higher than a flat top with a comb number 1 or 2, but the hair cut on the top is slightly shorter By using a comb number 3 or 4 to plow it out like this Having said that, the Buzz Cut hairstyle doesn’t just help to look stylish. But you can also cut it yourself. As for anyone who is not confident, it is better to go to the barbershop.

Buzz Cut Male Hairstyles

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