Braids are great options for those who want to change their hair quickly and easily. And the most popular styles, such as sausage and fish scales, are the object of desire of the female audience.
In addition to being practical, the style can be used on several occasions. From the chicest event to a trip to the cinema with her boyfriend.

BRAIDED-HAIR-INLAID-women hairstyles-women haircuts
BRAIDED-HAIR-FISH-SCALE-women hairstyles-women haircuts

Built-in braids, as the model used in the Elie Saab fashion show; require a little practice but are great for changing the look for a day. The fishbone, on the other hand, is a version of the sausage. But it is made with very tight and very tight locks of hair that resemble the texture of an aquatic animal. 

The different style catches the eye and can be used neat or messy, as seen in the Tory Burch fashion show.

More elaborate versions of braids left the catwalks and gained the “real world”; but this is not such a recent phenomenon. Braiding the hair is a custom of ancient people, and there are reports of this style in African tribes that used them to identify groups, origin, age, marital status, religion, wealth, and social position of people.

The braid became a representative movement for black culture and helped to compose the identity of famous historical characters like Frida Kahlo. In Brazil, the hairstyle appeared strongly in the 1970s with the hippie movement and has been renewing itself every season.

And then? Which braid is more beautiful? The fishbone or sausage?

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