How to make Braided Bun Style (Step By Step Guide)

A braided bun is a great option for people with long hair and all textures, from super smooth to curly.
Rainy or hot days call for a hairstyle that protects the strands from moisture and sweat. To be impeccable in the morning until the end of the afternoon, it is worth opting for a charming look that ensures the locks do not move. 
The braided Bun style principle is similar to the side braid close to the scalp: people with skinny hair can apply a small amount of hair wax before beginning the braiding so that the locks are more full-bodied.

Effortless Elegance: How to Create a Braided Bun at Home


1. Start with your hair loose and washed. Like the model, it is worth applying a little capillary wax on the strands to give more texture and firmness for excellent hair.

2. Split the wires in the middle of the head.

3. Separate a lock from the front of the head and divide it into three parts.

4. Make a traditional braid and pull a lock from the temple. Incorporate it into the strand in the middle of the braid.

5. With each braid, a lock of the temple or the braid’s top must be attached to the middle of the hairstyle. Once a strand is pulled from the temple (the bottom part of the braid already made) and, on the next braid, a strand starts from the other side of the braid, in the middle of the head. Image 8 makes it easier to see the traces of the upper part of the head.

6. Continue incorporating strands on both sides of the braid (“feeding” the braid always in the middle strand) until it passes the back of the ear.

7. From the ear, finish the braid normally, with previously incorporated strands, and secure the tip with silicone elastic. Repeat the process on the other side until two braids are embedded in the head’s sides.

8. Pin the rest of the hair in a ponytail.

9. Use a very tight silicone rubber band.

10. Make a normal bun with a ponytail, wrapping the hair in the elastic that holds them.

11. Attach the bun ends with hairpins of the same color as the hair for a more natural result, or if you prefer, end the bun with a larger silicone elastic.

12. Take one side braids and wrap the bun with the braid counterclockwise. Depending on the angle at which the braid was made, it will be necessary to twist the braid so that the finish is better.

13. Secure the tip of the braid around the bun with the help of a few clips.

14. With the braid on the opposite side, wrap the bun in a clockwise direction. The idea is that the two braids involve all the angles of the bun’s base.

15. Hide the second braid under the first braid and secure it with a few clips.

16. Apply a little fixing spray to prevent any new or unruly wires from getting out of place, and you’re done!

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