7 Men’s Hairstyles by a Well-Known Hairstylist

I was constantly called to be updated on men’s hairstyle trends. In 2023, there will be many trendy hairstyles, whether Fohawk, Buzz Cut, Textured Crop, or Perm Hair. Each said it was charming, But I believe many young people should have tried to intersect them all. So I want to find new ideas to change the style.
Today we have brought 7 fantastic men’s hairstyles by Denis Robinson (Creative Director of Ruffians), a world-renowned hairstylist.

List of men’s hairstyles by a well-known hairstylist

  1. The French Crop
  2. High and Slick
  3. The Bowl Cut
  4. Classic Pompadour
  5. Grunger
  6. Shaggy
  7. Peaky Blinders Haircut

The French Crop

Still ranked among the hottest men’s short hairstyles and has been recommended by many websites for a crop style hairstyle or a shell shape that has been adjusted to add the front hair down to cover the forehead, becoming The French Crop, a modern shell. Let me tell you; this style is trendy.

High and Slick

Another popular short hairstyle celebs go to events for high and slick is a short side and back cut. Then set the front up and cut the curve to one side. Get a look that looks neat and sharp. Suitable for a suit or a fabulous dress at a formal event.

The Bowl Cut

In the ’90s, the Bowl Cut, or Mushroom Hairstyle, featured rounded hair with an even fringe throughout the head. It is a hairstyle that is very popular amongst artists. But at present, there are adjustments. Add layers to make hair look stylish and suitable for other styles. Anyone looking for a trendy hairstyle, I recommend this style.

Classic Pompadour

The vintage hairstyle that is undeniable in its coolness, Pompadour, is one of the hairstyles many websites recommend. The classic way of setting it up is to blow up the front of your hair. Then use a comb to smooth the curves backward. Who wants a modern style? Just switch from using a comb to using a handset instead. You will get a more natural look.


Let’s come to some long hairstyles for men. This hairstyle was initially popular among rock people. Or a group of people who like to listen to grunge music. Simply put, it’s about letting your hair grow long without having to set it up like legendary singer Kurt Cobain.


Shaggy or unkempt styles should be a style that many long-haired boys like because it is very easy to set up. Just make it look messy, and you’re done. But there is a small caveat: you should take good care of your hair and weight; this is all; it’s cool. If you can’t figure it out, think of Kit Harington, the famous actor in Game of Thrones, or Timothée Chalamet from the movie Call Me By Your Name.

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Surprisingly, the last style suggested by the famous hairstylist is Cillian Murphy‘s haircut cut from Peaky Blinders. After numbers 1-2, keep the top hair long and brushed to the side. After the series began to air, many barbers came out to make clips of this cool cut. Overall, it’s a cool hairstyle too.

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