Do you know How many Centimeters Your Hair Grows Per Year?

Have you ever wondered how many centimeters your hair grows a year? Experts point out that the hair grows, on average, one millimeter every three days, or about 1 centimeter per month – which would result in an average of 12 centimeters per year. And contrary to what it seems, straight, curly, and curly hair grows at the same speed. Check out more details about natural hair growth!

Average Hair Growth is the same for all types of hair.

The speed of hair growth is not linked to the shape or thickness; however, curly and curly hair seems to take much longer to grow! What defines the delay or the agility of growth is each person’s metabolism and rhythm, besides, of course, the threads’ health. To make them stronger, a tip is to look for shampoo lines and conditioners with assets such as arginine.

For this reason, the traditional practice of cutting hair according to the phase change of the moon, such as waiting for the full moon to have heavier strands or the waning moon to remove the volume of the locks, is just a myth.

In the case of curly and curly, the shrinkage factor is responsible for the impression that the wires take much longer than smooth and wavy to grow – since the ring shape makes them appear shorter. 

Good Nutrition and a Visit to the Trichologist can Accelerate Hair Growth.

The metabolism and eating habits of each person directly influence hair growth. The deficiency of fundamental elements such as manganese, fatty acid, and omega-six can make hair grow more slowly, and to supply the deficiency, it is worth betting on a balanced diet with vegetable oils, flaxseed, soybeans, whole grains, yolk egg, vegetables, nuts, pineapple, and carrot.

If you have noticed that your hair growth is very slow, it is worth looking for a hair therapist or a trichologist – a specialist in scalp problems. In the consultation, the professional will analyze the wires and check the health history to track possible diseases that can weaken the root.

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