What is global hair colour, and how do you do it for yourself?

What is global hair colour, and how do you do it for yourself? Some people have already dyed their hair so much that they can get away from what coloring techniques people use, like a professional hairdresser. 
But those entering the life of color now have many confusing things in their heads, like the difference between ombré and sombré, how to untie your hair and what the heck is global coloring. 
But rest assured that today we will tell you all about this way of coloring fashionable hair and works on all types of hair! And the best: you can get an easy look at home if you don’t want to shell out money with a salon.

Which is a global hair colour?

As the name suggests, the overall color is that all the hair is dyed in one color, without any effect like locks, balayage, lights, etc. She is excellent for changing to a simpler and chic look, without many details. And look, everyone can play this new fashion: choose the color that suits you the most and be happy with the global blonde, red, brown or black!


How to make it?

To achieve the effect of global hair colouring at home, the only care you need to take is to divide your hair well to dye. All of the strands and make sure that all the strands have received the same dye amount. Suppose you intend to cover the color that is already in your hair.

Remember to choose a darker color and, in case you have lights or highlights, use one that also covers your natural color. Oh, and it’s always good to remember: don’t ignore the instructions in the box! Pay attention to the time that the dye should stay on your head and not leave too much, not too much.

Stay connected with the care you need to take!

Like any other chemical process you do on the hair, the coloring can weaken the strands if you don’t take the right care before and after dyeing. The good thing is that you can reverse this in two stages with our friend’s hair schedule; before coloring, you can reinforce the hydrations and nutrients that will replenish the water and nutrients that the hair loses daily. After the process, add the hair reconstructions to your care routine. It will regain strength, and – in addition to the beautiful color – the wire will still gain an incredible shine.

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