Korean Hair Care Routine For The Ultimate Gloss & Style

Korean beauty has taken over the world. While it’s definitely been a popular avenue for skincare, it’s no surprise that haircare is also trendy. Thick, bouncy, and shiny locks are what we all strive for. But knowing how to get them is a whole ordeal. 

Korean hair care is thoughtful, meticulous, and mostly natural. We can take a handful of pointers from them and turn our dull and dry hair into long and strong strands. Here is your ultimate quit to a glossy Korean hair care routine.

Treat Your Scalp First

Your hair first grows from your scalp. But interestingly enough, we only start to notice damage once our ends start splitting. Starting at the top of the head is the first and arguably most important step. Getting ahead of the game by using the right scalp treatments can set you up for major success. 

  • Start by using a serum that has both natural and powerful ingredients. Soaking them into your scalp is the best way to get rid of dry, itchy, or flaky skin. The serum or scalp treatment should have humectant properties so the hair has an easier time absorbing the ingredients. 
  • Spend time massaging the treatment into your head. This promotes blood flow and circulation. The massage part is a major part of Korean hair care routines that stimulates growth while also loosening up any build-up before you wash it out. 

Don’t rush this part. Not only will it feel great, but your scalp and roots deserve more tender, love, and care to look and feel their best. 

Use The Right Shampoo

After you’ve done the work to ensure the serum and scalp treatment settles, it’s time to rinse away the debris. The product choice for shampoo matters intensely. You don’t want it to be filled with sulfates, parabens, or any chemicals that can irritate or damage your scalp and hair. 

Harsh shampoos end up stripping our hair of natural oils that protect the strands from heat, sun, and other factors that lead to breakage. Korean hair care often focuses on ingredients like green tea extract, rice water, and ginseng. All three of these ingredients help maintain the natural balance in our hair. 

Deep Condition The Right Way

One thing Korean hair care does not do is use products that way down the hair and leave it feeling greasy and oily. Deep conditioning should make the hair feel like it is moisturized from the inside out. There are a few different approaches to this. 

  • Hair masks are one of the better ways to do this. Leaving a hair mask on overnight can replenish lost moisture through heat styling, color bleaching, and other damaging practices. A hair mask should contain powerful humectants as well as vitamins and minerals to super-boost the hair. 
  • Hair oiling has been another popular option for providing some moisture to one’s hair. A little goes a long way, so be sure not to overdo it. When you use too much, a greasy look is definitely possible. Start by applying from the mid-strand down to the roots. 

The deep conditioning process should take just as much if not more, time than the scalping process. Leave-in conditioner masks can often be left overnight for maximum benefits. 

No Heat!

When it comes to drying your hair, natural is the best approach. Korean hair care stays as far away from heat as possible. When it comes to styling your hair, it’s incredibly important that you use products that protect your hair from any heat. While going through the above routine is great, it’s only good if you don’t expose your hair to extreme conditions right after. 

If you are someone that has curly hair and needs to style it, consider the right product rather than heat. Preventing curly hair frizz can be done with a great mousse or hair cream and dry naturally. 

One Step At a Time

It’s natural to feel like you want to include tons of products all at once to get the bouncy and shiny look that Korean hair care provides. But, when you overload your hair with products, your scalp may have more build-up than it did before. Less is more. 
Using a quality product and going one step at a time is the perfect way to address your hair from root to tip. Depending on your hair needs, you can adjust the amount of product you use and how long you use it.