How to keep blonde hair healthy and growing?

What do you need to do to keep your blonde hair healthy? Did you get tired of seeing news that cold blond is the winter trend? You decided to take the courage to become platinum, but now you are full of doubts about how to take care? 

To not let the light hairs fall over you, we made a guide of what you need to do to keep your eyes up to date and look like you just came out of the oven, oops, in the salon, haha!

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How to hydrate hair after bleaching?

How to hydrate hair after bleaching?

Let us introduce you to hydration, your BEST friend! When we bleach and dye the hair, the cape of the strand (famous cuticle) is open to remove its natural color from inside and put the blonde. 

If you don’t do a potent treatment on it, this wire cover won’t close afterward, and it gets scorched – not to mention that the new color will go away since the lid is there, poor thing open. With a change like this in the visú, if you used to do two hydrations a month before.

Now you have to do two a week and, if your hair was badly damaged, you could try making a capillary schedule to recover the hair structure – this beautiful one works miracles in one month!

How to maintain blonde hair roots?

How to maintain blonde hair roots?

Remember that time when you wore ombré locks and touched up every six months. When did you remember? That time is over, friend. Anyone who dyes their hair in such a light color, especially those who are naturally dark, needs to touch up the root every 15 days so that the look doesn’t look UO. 

So choose your heart dye well and stock it at home because you will see each other a lot from now on.

How to fix bleached hair that turned yellow?

How to fix bleached hair that turned yellow?

There is nothing more UO that we notice that the blonde is turning yellow or orange, but the worst of all is that it happens with all platinum. The wind, the washes, and even the dryer disrupt the color, so the way is to run after a dye remover to pass the blessed threads no longer gray. 

The tip for not changing your hair color is to follow the instructions on the box and keep an eye on the clock, so you don’t apply too early or leave the color correct too long on the wires. 

Also, always look for a little product concerned with nourishing the hair while correcting the color: what good is a perfect tone in a detonated hair, right, spin?

How to protect blonde hair from chlorine?

How to protect blonde hair from chlorine?
Back view of relaxed woman in blue water

The pool is that fake that can detonate you when you least expect it. That story that swimming pools leave your hair green may not happen to everyone, but for you, platinum, it’s potatoes! When the discolored thread is in contact with the pool water for a long time, it absorbs the chlorine, changing the locks’ color. 

And as we will not allow you to go out like the Joker out there, turn on the tip: apply a combing cream to protect the hair before entering the water and, after you leave, use a potent shampoo to remove the remains chlorine from the wire. If you put all this into practice, your platinum hair will fall on the streets for a long time to come!

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