How do guys make their hair look wet?

How do men keep their hair looking wet all day long? Wet look products allow you to style your hair so it always appears damp. Depending on your hair and style, you can pick from mousse, gel, pomade, or wax. If your hair is damp, use a mousse or gel, but if it’s dry, try a wax or pomade.

Here is the guide on How do guys make their hair look wet?

  • Properly dry your hair at first. Then, Take the pomade at your fingertips. 
  • Then, Apply the pomade with your fingers from front to backward way. Comb your hair for a desirable style. You can pomade your hair when necessary time. 
  • For thick hairs, use pomade.
  • For thin hairs, use hair wax.
  • For loose hairs, use hair gels.
  • The mousse gives a thin hair look thinker. 

If you’re watching out for another haircut, you ought to consider the wet hair search for that “just escaped the shower” newness. You get a look that can integrate into a hair. Whether you have short back and sides or long wavy locks, you can accomplish this look come what may.

Pick Your Right Product:

You can accomplish a wet look with a wide range of items. You might have a portion of these items now, or you might need to take a stab at a new thing. Read 9 Best Relationship Books For Men

Use Mousse for more hair volume:

A styling mousse is an incredible choice for more volume hair as it can add a lot of volume to your style. Styling mousse for the part has less holding power than gels and waxes. However, you require a more normal, streaming, wet look. It very well may be ideally suited for you.

Choose the right Styling Gel:

Styling gel is a water-based and most likely popular styling item. It’s water-based. It’s ideally suited for accomplishing the wet look. It will leave your hair item solidified.

It is accessible in various strength holds. Sometimes, you have Thin hair. You ought to go for lighter hold, while individuals with thick hair ought to choose a more grounded hold.

Use pomade:

The extraordinary thing about pomade is that it won’t make your hair excessively firm. Pomade is perfect for slicking back thick hair. It can use on all hair types.

Most pomades are oil-based, yet you can find water-based items that are simpler to clean out and better for making volume. The way to utilize this item isn’t to use it. A lot as it can make your hair look oily whenever abused.

Have Wax:

Wax is perfect for short hair. It doesn’t have the very sparkle that pomade does. It’s perfect for that “just got up” look. It’s milder than pomade yet additionally more hard to clean out.

You don’t have to pay a great deal. Hair wax items will commonly last you significantly longer than items like mousse or styling gel.

Wet Look Crucial Wisdom:

The way to accomplish the wet look hairdo is to pick an item you’re open to working with. It praises your hair. On the off chance that you’re as yet uncertain, request guidance next time you go to your stylist’s.

Keep away from terrible hair days by not using an excessive amount of items. Continuously start with a limited quantity and move gradually up to more, as you can constantly add more.

Normal Wet Hair Look Mistakes:

• You would not begin styling when your hair is sopping wet. The item won’t stick, and you will not have the option.

• You likewise shouldn’t allow your hair to get excessively dry. When your hair is dry, no measure of gel or mousse will make it look wet in the future.
• Try not to use an excessive amount of items. Be more specific than expected with how many products. Cover each hair, and don’t allow bunches to frame.

• Remember – if you’re displaying your hair after a superstar. He most likely uses hundred-dollar hair items and million-dollar hair specialists.
Try not to challenge yourself if you can’t accomplish a remarkable outcome.

Crucial tips for wet look impact:

Hair mousse turns are preferable for the wet to investigate hair gel. You have wavy hair. However, get both hairstyling items and try them out so you can additionally modify your wet look.

Try not to exaggerate the hair gel: two or three presses from the hair gel suggested in the connection above will be adequate if you have short to medium-length hair. Eventually, mess with how much gel best suits your hair and your inclination, yet don’t go around applying such an excess of gel that your hair becomes strong.

How Might I Make My Hair Look Wet Without Gel?

Previously, we’ve discussed hair items. You can use it rather than gel or hairspray. You can unquestionably attempt substitute items. For a wet hair look, master beauticians suggest gel or mousse and hairspray.

I’d say your smartest choice is to attempt to accomplish the wet hair look by use of hair mud or pomade.
The provision is that your hair could look oily than wet when you’re finished. Yet, the potential gain is that you can restyle your hair over the day. Hair dirt and pomades don’t dry. You can reshape them.

Step-by-step instructions to Keep Wet Hair Look All Day Long:

There are items engaged with making the wet hair look. It’s very at keeping its shape. It assumes you have short hair. You don’t need to over “wet” hair dropping out with losing shape.

You do see your wet hair look blurring. It provides it with an additional spritz of hairspray throughout your break. You use more items the following time you attempt a wet hair look.

There’s very little else you can do to “save” a wet hair look that won’t remain “wet.” The style depends on you getting it right while your hair is saturated. Guys with thick hair might struggle with keeping the shape as to how weighty it gets.


The wet look impact on male hair is one hairstyling choice accessible for us. It follows exclusive is and helps to carry out. It will likewise add a novel style to your hair.
Rather than having an anticipated Undercut haircut like the remainder of twenty-something fellows in the United States have. You will be out there shaking your hair in a way that makes you stick out. It makes them lady come to you to contact tasty locks of yours.