8 Main causes of hair loss in men.

8 main causes of hair loss that men should avoid before balding.

Revealing the 8 reasons for hair loss, thin hair, and easily broken hair that every man should know and find cure hair loss Before the head gets blad.

Which young men notice their hair began to thin and lack. To know that is a warning sign that you may be at risk of Premature baldness, which these problems occur from many factors. Both hereditary, The older the environment, including the lifestyle. All of them all affect the health of the fruit. If still neglected, it has the right to be bald since being a teenager. 

I have mentioned some products at the end, which can help hair growth and reduce hair fall. Let’s see what should be avoided and adjusted. 

1. Obesity

Obesity does not affect your waistline only. It also creates problems for hair and scalp. Because obesity causes hormones in the body to become imbalanced and create chain reactions throughout the body, it results in unhealthy hair, Fine lines, And easily broken. Also, obesity causes stress. Affecting blood pressure and heart Must rely on statins, which, if eaten a lot, will have side effects on the body, Including causing hair loss as well. 

2. Diet

In the part of the hair that grows out can be taken care of from the outside. But the hair root buried under the scalp needs to be nourished from the inside by eating healthy food. To receive protein, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients ultimately, helping the hair to be healthy, substantial throughout the strands. Recommended foods include milk, salmon, green leafy vegetables, beans, and various grains. 

3. Hair products

Deformation of the scalp all harms the hair. And maybe so severe that the hair does not grow up again. The main reason is due to the use of hair products that are not suitable or use in excessive amounts. Try to use fewer hairstyle products such as spray, gel, wax, perm, and dye. To allow the scalp to recover and prevent chemical residues. Also, you should not wash your hair or use the treatment frequently as the hair will lose critical natural oils. It helps the hair to be healthy and strong.

hair loss-Hair products

4. Steroid medication,

Usually, testosterone (Testosterone) will act to prevent hair loss. The use of steroids (Steroids) in large quantities will accelerate the production of testosterone and the growth of the body. The more often used, The more old and balding, the faster the Best way is to use as recommended by a doctor.

5. Smoking.

The various toxins in cigarettes will inhibit blood circulation and transport oxygen to the pores. It is resulting in the hair not altogether growing and fall quickly. Also, smoking will make the body deteriorate and become bald faster—the best way to quit now.

6. Stress

Stress is considered the main problem that makes many people unknowingly bald. Whenever you are in a state of stress or anxiety, it will result in the stress hormones and the hormones North Epinephrine (Nor-epinephrine) fluctuations causing the pores to close down New hair cannot grow, and old hair cannot extend fully. 

Therefore, if you know that you are stressed, find activities to do, such as watching movies, listening to music, playing sports to improve your mental state. Don’t let yourself be stressed for too long because it affects all systems of the body.

hair loss-Stress

7. Pollution

Environmental factors such as pollution from automobile exhaust fumes, dust, smoke, and cigarette smoke All affect creating keratin (Keratin), an essential part of the hair. Makes the hair weak and quickly falls out, Which. We cannot prevent all of these forms of pollution. Only we can reduce the severity by wearing a hat in a place where there is a lot of pollution and wash your hair clean.

8. Sunlight.

Although sunlight is useful to stimulate the creation of vitamin D. This is important for dental and bone health but getting too much sunlight can also be severe punishment. Including skin cancer Dry, split ends Tear off easily and look lifeless. If it is essential to get out in the sun, wear a hat every time. Or sunscreen spray for hair sprayed before encountering intense heat

As you know, some factors cause hair loss, fragile, easily broken, and bald premature. However, do not forget to change your lifestyle to avoid these factors as well. Ensure that the hair is thick, vital for a long time.

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