8 Quick Tips for Finding a New Hair Stylist and Make Your Hair Wow

Finding a good hair stylist is a real challenge! It is much more difficult than picking a decent hair style. Whether you have moved or your hair stylist has, choosing a new salon can be very trying.
As it is a matter of your appearance, you can’t go wrong with it. Salons these days look fascinating, with those beautiful dangling lights, but you should ensure that a professional will be touching your hair. Here are eight quick tips to help you find a new hair stylist to make your hair look gorgeous.

Ask Your Old Stylist for Recommendations 

Hair stylists have a strong network, so your old stylist will surely recommend some good barbers in the new location. If this is not working, you can ask the stylist to share the customer card, as it has all the details like the treatments or the cutting style.

Show this customer card to some new stylists and figure out if they understand what you need. You cannot try and then get disappointed with the new cut, so it’s better to ask for recommendations.

Visit Their Website

Merely searching for “best hair salons near me” will land hundreds of websites in the search results. Now, you have to skim through the results and choose a new stylist. It would be great to go to a salon that offers pedicure and manicure services. Also, visiting the website will help you judge the ambiance, and it will help you decide on a good hair stylist quickly.

Don’t Take Customer Reviews for Granted

So, you are on the website of a salon. What next? Now look for the customer review section, and go through the positive and negative reviews. An angry customer whose hair was ruined by the salon will surely post a review describing the service experience. Take the customer reviews with a pinch of salt, as not all are 100% right.

Find their Social Media Page 


If you have Facebook and Instagram installed on your smartphone, search for the salon page, and you will get most of the details there. You get the details you need to choose a stylist, from the operating hours to how much they charge for a cut. Furthermore, the social media page will have customer comments, which help determine if the salon is worth visiting or not.

Hold Auditions

Rather than getting the full service you usually take, get a small service and try the salon’s service. See if the hair stylist listens to you and understands the cut you need. If the stylist works as you want, you are good to go for full service. If you aren’t happy with the service, look for other salons and hold auditions there too.

Don’t Go for the Most Expensive Salon

The most expensive salon in New Jersey can have the best ambiance and equipment, but it is not certain that they will have the best hairstylist. So don’t just look for the most expensive one, thinking it will transform your looks. Sometimes inexpensive salons can also offer fantastic service, depending on the hair stylist’s professional.

Look for a Specialist

Everyone has a different hair texture. Some have silky smoothness, whereas some have brittle and dull hair. Therefore, looking for a specialist when choosing a hairstylist is essential. If the salon you want to go to has a hair expert who knows your hair texture and how to deal with it, you can be sure about going there.

Check the Products the Stylist Uses

hair stylists products

After testing the professionalism and magic in the stylist’s hand, you should look for their range of products. If you prefer Schwarzkopf, you should not choose a hair stylist using the Tresemme range. Ask them if they can use your favorite brand, as some stylists will agree with your demands.

Time to Find a Good Hair Stylist 

Whether you are moving to a new area or your hair stylist has retired. You can find a new stylist that gets you and understands what you need. You are now all set to find an amazing hair expert in the new area you have moved to. 

Follow these tips, and try to choose from multiple salons. Furthermore, it would be great to ask your friends for some referrals. Always go for a trial run and opt for a split-end trimming service before going for a new haircut or getting your hair colored.