Hey everyone, these are some trendy long hairstyles for women which are in trending in new hairstyles for women.

Many women want to have long hair, but they are upset about which hairstyle would suit them. So, women, don’t worry and select your hairstyle that makes your long hair beautiful and charming.

I have made the list of about 17 Trendy long hairstyles for women here below. These hairstyles are very easy to wear and maintain. Some of the hairstyles are so easy; you can easily keep these hairstyles at home. And some of these need haircuts.

So, scroll down and see your first long hairstyles

1. Layers

Layers are the most wanted long hairstyle for women, and it is very easy to wear. It is for those women who like the simple and sweet look.

2. Long Hair and Bangs

Long Hair with Bangs is well known in women. Bangs give you a charming look.

3. Long Bob

Long Bob is now in trending for long hairstyles for women; it is a cute hairstyle for cute women.

4. Long Shag

Long Shag is now trending for long hairstyles for women, It is an easy hairstyle to have in-home.

5. Long Braids

Long braids are A very cool hairstyle for women’s long hair. This haircut is very calm and beautiful for parties and events.

6. Short in the Front Long in the Back

Short hair in the front and long in the back is also a very beautiful hairstyle in long hairstyles for women. This haircut is very unique.

7. Long Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair is also a great long hairstyle for women. It is a very unique hair color.

8. Natural Curly Long Hair

Natural long hair is also a great hairstyle for those women who have curly hairs. These types of curly hairs are stunning and charming.

9. Long Black Hair

The long black hairstyle is also one of the most fabulous hairstyles in long hairstyles for women. And this hairstyle is also in trend for women.

10. Long Updo

A long up-do is a very unique and beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to have in-home, And this hairstyle is unusual for parties and events. This hairstyle gives you a very decent look.

11. Long Thick Hair

Long thick hairs are simple and great hairstyle to have in winters. This hairstyle looks nice when you don’t tie or clip it.

12. Cute Long Hair

A long hair ponytail is a simple and cute hairstyle for daily work. You can have this hairstyle with any dress to look beautiful.

13. Long Straight Hair

Long straight hairs are also simple and easy to have in-home. You just need to straight your hairs to have this hairstyle. You can have this easily in your daily routine.

14. Pretty Long Hair

Pretty long hairs are also very cute and simple hairstyles in trendy long hairstyles for women.

15. Medium Long Hair

Medium long hair is also a simple hairstyle to have in your daily routine. These hairstyles are also easy to maintain.

16. 1920s Long Hair

Most of the women like old fashion hairstyles to have in their events and parties. So, here is the 1920’s Long hairstyle for those women.

17. 50s Long Hair

Long Hairstyles from the 50s are very much trending as in the 50s. In the 50s, there are many beauty trends made for women, and these are very simple and attractive.

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