What is keratin and the benefits of keratin treatment?

Find out what keratin is, how it is lost, and discover the best way to recover! In the ideal amount, It recovers damaged hair and allows hair to shine.

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What is keratin?

It is a fibrous protein that forms several parts of the human body, such as hair and nails. Formed by amino acids, it represents about 90% of the hair, it is responsible for the integrity of the hair and, therefore, it is used in several hair treatments in beauty salons.

Keratin Benefits

It works as a protection and filling in faults caused by external processes or dysfunction.

Lack of keratin

It is a natural amino acid in our body, which can be produced from human hair and from wool and and animal horns and feathers. However, constant exposure to chemicals, such as coloring and straightening, sun, flat iron, hairdryer, and pollution can result in the lack of substance in the locks.

With these enemies’ actions, the superficial scales of the hair open, leaving the inner layer exposed, which results in loss of water, nutrients, and keratin.


Daily aggression to the hair results in brittle, dull hair with impaired elasticity. To get them back, there are plenty of treatments for keratin replacement, such as Sealing, Nanokeratization, and Photonic Hydrokeratization. Still, it is essential to consult a professional to determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your hair deficiency.

Like any excess, it is also harmful. The wires stiffen, which can cause dryness, opacity, breakage, and loss in the hair’s natural movements. Experts recommend using it with caution and being very careful when buying any product that promises restoration with this substance.

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