From Hair Type To Style: A Style Guide For Men’s Hair

Do you know what the first thing people notice about you? Apart from the face and clothing, it’s the hair.
Like any accessory, your hair can be a fashion statement—when you treat it right. Your hair deserves attention and care, too, whether you want a rugged, tousled look or aiming for a sleek, sophisticated vibe.
To help you get that perfect mane, we’ve created this basic guide for newbies on how to style their hair, what cut suits different looks, and how to properly care for it.

Hair Types 101: Master Your Mane

Let’s get to know your hair before we jump into the stylish stuff. There are numerous hair types, with every type varying a bit. So, to unlock your hair’s true potential, you must first understand your hair type.

I’m talking about straight hair, wavy wonders, curly cues, and the wild world of coily hair. All these hair types carry unique characteristics, which will significantly affect how your chosen style will turn out.

Let’s understand each hair type’s characteristics.

  • Straight Hair: The no-nonsense hair type that’s sleek and smooth. It’s a canvas for various styles – from slicked-back elegance to the classic crew cut.
  • Wavy Hair: Oh, the beachy vibes. Wavy hair brings a touch of casual charm. Embrace those waves with layered cuts, or let them shine in a textured quiff.
  • Curly Hair: Embrace the bounce and volume. Curly hair demands a bit of love and hydration. Try longer styles like the curly afro or rock a short, curly crop.
  • Coily Hair: The tightest and most textured of them all. Coily hair is all about embracing the natural volume. Keep it neat with short, well-defined curls, or go bold with a longer coily mane.

Getting Just the Right Cut

Now that you know your hair type, it’s time to think about the cut that’ll frame your face like a masterpiece. The proper cut can make all the difference, turning your hair into a work of art.

Here are a few dazzling cuts to consider:

  • The classic pompadour: A timeless favorite that oozes suave sophistication. It’s all about those high-volume top layers tapering down to shorter sides.
  • The Undercut: This one’s edgy and sharp. Short sides and back, with the length on top styled however you fancy – slicked back, tousled, or even a neat side part.
  • The Textured Crop: A modern-day favorite. It’s all about the layers, creating a textured, effortlessly cool vibe.
  • The buzz cut: If low-maintenance is your thing, the buzz cut is your answer. Super short and no-fuss, it’s a look that screams confidence.

Hair Style Essentials

You may have rocked the perfect cut, but do you know you can add a little of a few products and style your way to stardom? Yeah! You can give your cut a polished look with a little product.

Here’s a quick rundown of some styling essentials:

  • Pomade: This Is perfect for a slicked-back or side-parted look. It adds shine and holds those strands in place.
  • Clay: Clay is ideal for a textured, matte finish. Clay adds volume and definition, making it perfect for a messy quiff or a casual crop.
  • Wax: For that flexible hold with a natural finish. Use it for various styles, from a polished side sweep to a casually tousled hairdo.
  • Gel: When you need a stronghold, gel is your go-to. Use it sparingly to avoid the dreaded “crunchy” look.

Maintenance Matters: Healthy Hair Habits

Maintaining your hair is as essential as styling it. Healthy hair equals a fantastic canvas for your chosen style. Here are a few golden rules to keep your locks looking luscious.

  • Shampoo and condition: Cleanse your hair regularly with a suitable shampoo and follow up with a conditioner to keep it soft and manageable.
  • Stay hydrated: Just like your body, your hair needs hydration too. Drink plenty of water and use leave-in conditioners to lock in moisture.
  • Regular trims: Don’t shy away from the barber’s chair. Regular trims help prevent split ends and maintain the shape of your cut.
  • Protect from heat: If you’re a fan of heat styling, use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from damage.

Rock Your Style

Here’s the deal – your hair is an extension of your personality. The right hairstyle can boost confidence, turn heads, and leave a lasting impression. Own your look, flaunt that flair, and walk with your head held high – because confidence is the ultimate accessory.

Hey, I have never read somewhere about any hair styling rule that you must put up with. No. There is no universal rule for hair styling. On the contrary, there are over 60 hairstyles for men. Embrace your uniqueness, work with what you have, and enjoy the process.

So, whether you’re aiming for the sharp lines of a classic pompadour or the carefree vibes of a textured crop, let your hair do the talking and make sure it’s saying what you want.

A “High” Hairdo

Before we wrap up, we all know how our hair can rock a killer look, but what if I told you it could spill the beans on what you’ve been puffing or munching on? Your hair is like a silent witness to your adventures. It’s been there through the slick quiffs and the rugged undercuts, holding your style game strong. But guess what? It’s also been quietly noting down your little indulgences, like that joint of cannabis you shared last weekend.

According to studies, THC (let’s call it the “high factor”) can linger in your hair for 90 days and sometimes longer. Those remnants aren’t as discreet as you’d hope during drug tests. So, as you style your hair, don’t let it be the reason to fail a drug test. To pass a hair drug test, abstain from cannabis for over 90 days.


There you have it! The knowledge to conquer any hair-related challenge that comes your way. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, all types can get a unique styling. From the classic pompadour, the undercut, the textured crop, and the buzz cut.

It’s time to experiment and have a blast finding your signature style. Remember, it’s not just hair – it’s your crown of confidence. And with that, we bid farewell and wish you endless good hair days and fabulous styles ahead, gentlemen.