Top 100 Haircuts for Men To Get in 2022

Are you looking for the latest men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men for 2022?

Men’s haircuts are constantly changing. In 2022, there will be many cool hairstyles, whether fohawk, buzz cut, textured crop, or perm hair. So, I want to find some new ideas to change the style.

The Best Men’s Haircuts Guide

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Men’s haircuts for a wide forehead

Men’s haircuts for a broad forehead cut and fresh to help fool the eyes enhance confidence out of the house without worrying.

Which haircut is good? Vicious problems that the boys are worried about and can’t find answers to. That will cut him, and he is afraid to see the greater clarity. I want this set to be worried that it is too deliberately concealed, okay. What is the best thing to do, then fresh, look good? Do not be suspicious that people will focus on the forehead.

Haircuts should cover the space or be open to see for people with wide or deep foreheads. But must be set up to view the volume. Even if it helps to draw the eyes, try to avoid the haircut without letting others notice clearly. The shape is concise, forward, or flat because it will see the width. And the depth is clearer; this is five haircuts for wide forehead men, which we would like to recommend.

Textured Crop 

The textured crop hairstyle is like a shell. But keeping the hair above and the front longer than usual is a hot man hairstyle. And cover the deep width of the forehead well.

textured crop haircut


The fringe hairstyle is a set of hair that comes down to full closure or half frontal. But will focus on adding volume to look more stylish, Which helps attract eye camouflage well.

Perm Hair 

Another equally exciting trend of the perm hairstyle. Adding a layer to the hairstyle will enhance the hair to look tight and weighty, which helps conceal the depth of the forehead to a certain extent. Any man wants to change a new look. Try to ensure that.


For those who want a forehead hairstyle, it is recommended to be a pompadour or a set of hair but hit above the top. Then cut the curve back; this shape will help attract others to focus on the forehead. But must set the bulge to high. Do not place it flat. Otherwise, the brow will look wider immediately.


Hate skinheads? It’s easy and comfortable—no need to worry about a lot. Get a fresh look, too. Even more doubly.


Classic men’s haircuts

Four classic hairstyles for men are recommended that are suitable for each hair type. When cut, it looks good and will never go out of fashion.

I believe there must be some young men who have many signs and can’t figure out what hairstyle to do. Even now, there are many fantastic, super creative men’s hairstyles. 

Maybe you think or choose too much. Let’s go back and do some classic looks. Even though it’s a bit ordinary, it is guaranteed to be cool and not out of course. Today I recommend 4 classic men’s hairstyles that have never been out. And suitable for each hair type, let your friends try to cut it if you can’t figure out what style it is.

Classic hairstyles for curly hair men

Naturally, curly hair men like to cut their hair short or go straight. To cover the edgy curls, I do not know that the curls are natural. It is the charm that makes curly hair look cool without trying.

Something to keep in mind is curly people need to keep their length at the sides and back. Always shorter than the top! Don’t let it be all the same length. Otherwise, it will look fluffy. Instantly messy. The rest don’t need much set. Raising the front is enough because curly or wavy hair is cool on its own.

Classic hairstyles for men with thin hair

Short hairstyles are the most suitable for men with thin hair. Because the shorter, the more it helps to hide the thinness, but David Beckham, model, and famous football legend, has shown that another classic and fascinating hairstyle for thin hair

Is it slicked back with short side plows? And the smooth top to the back is both cool and helps cover the thinness quite smoothly, but guys who want to set this style must be careful not to use too many hair products. Because the hair will clump together, making the scalp visible. Use a small amount, but spread it over your head instead. As for short hair, it still works the same which David Beckham used to cut short hair often, guaranteeing that it’s equally remarkable.

Classic hairstyles for men with long hair

Traditionally, long hairstyles have their uniqueness and style. You don’t have to worry about your style too much. The focus is on keeping your hair and scalp healthy. Keep hair trimmed every 4 or 6 weeks to prevent split ends. And regularly use nourishing products. Don’t let your hair dry out because people around you can see your hair.

The key to long hairstyles is letting it lose weight naturally; this is the ultimate classic. Don’t try to force it to be a waste of time. It will make me look hard and harsh. If neatness is required, using the method of bundling your hair is still recommended instead of setting it.

Classic hairstyles for straight hair men

It is considered lucky for men with straight hair. That can be styled in many styles, whether long or short, or you can go with curls to add layers. But it must be remembered that the sides and back must always be shorter than the top.

The most classic hairstyle for straight-haired men is the side part, where the sides are smoothed to the back. Then cut the top obliquely on either side (according to preferences) as a shape that makes it smart to fit in with everyone. And even after a few decades, this style is the same classic.

Vintage hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles for men are considered trendy hairstyles now. Because it is simple and helps create the right image for the hairstyle owner. But now, no one wants to have long hair in the rainy season. But it’s okay because the short vintage hairstyles are cool too.


The round-haired introduces a cut that looks cool and stylish and helps to camouflage the face to look more slender. Try to be impressed and want to cut again.
Most men have problems with choosing haircuts to fit their faces. With a round shape that is limited, it makes the general look and not match as expected and can’t find the right form.
For overweight or round faces, choose a short hairstyle tall side, which will help the face look more slender. And avoid hairstyles that are round or long. Because it will make the face look rounder than before and this is fat men’s haircuts, I’d like to recommend it.

Fade Cut

It is simple and basic that anyone can cut and look good. For the round face boy, should choose a secondary or a secondary will help camouflage the face to look slender.

Pompadour Fade Cut

The famous vintage hairstyle, pompadour, and a plump young man can also be cut. By pairing with vice, the top set hit a little bulging. Then curled down to the back. So, this shape is very cool.
Open the face, open the eyes with a comb to the back. A little beard looks fantastic, and it helps to make the round face look smoother. But be careful not to take too long; otherwise, it will look fatter.

Curly Drop Fade

Curly hairstyles with double curls are another cool style I recommend to the young man. Try it once. Which the layer of bending will help attract the eye very well.

Buzz Cut

You must give it a buzz cut if you choose to cut it short. Do not let the whole head swell. Otherwise, the face will become shabby and look swollen. So pointed the target into the skinhead shape or plain cropped, using a combination of methods, adding a little bit of patterning to help make it look fresh than before.

Slicked Back

Slicked back hair with a little beard gives a cool look. It also helps to make the round face look smoother as well. But be careful not to have too long and fluffy hair. Otherwise, it will look fatter instead.

50’s men’s hairstyles

Who said this age couldn’t cut cool hair?

In the past, when men grew older, they tended to release their essence. Not very serious about being handsome, but now the trend has changed. Some big boys who are 50 years old still care about their appearance and are looking for cool men’s hairstyles. I want to bring 50 years old men’s hairstyles with a little trick for everyone.

How do you choose a hairstyle?

When you want to be cool, you must be careful in choosing your hairstyle. The primary image of a man aged 50 years and over is quite discreet. Look trustworthy and has a wise man. Therefore, modern, classic, or vintage hairstyles should look neat and have a bit of volume to mix smooth but dressy.

Wide forehead 

For those who have a wide forehead or a deep side forehead, try to avoid parting hair. A very short front cut or a straight cut. Because it will make the width more visible, choose a hairstyle that hides the space, such as a fringe, a crop, or an open forehead hairstyle. But set it to look volumetric, such as Pompadour or Quiff style.

Thin hair 

As for people with thinning hair, it is advisable to opt for a short hairstyle instead. Because the shorter it is, the more it helps hide the thinness. And they don’t need a lot of decoration, causing some hair to fall out. The Slicked Back or the Buzz Cut is a hairstyle suitable for men with thin hair.

Do I have to cover grey hair?

Grey hair and white hair is a problem that many men worry about and undermine their confidence, but if asked whether they need white hair or not? The answer depends on the needs of each person.
Because grey hair is not a serious matter, some people think that it is even the charm of a 50-year-old man. But people with white hair who feel depressed should use the method to cover the grey hair and manage to return to the same black.

And this is a hairstyle example of a 50-year-old man from these world-class celebrities.

Robert Downey Jr. (53 years old)

Let’s start with the handsome actor Robert Downey Jr. or familiar with the role of Iron Man with a side part hairstyle or a very basic hairstyle, but both look neat, cool, and age-appropriate, plus it’s easy to style. Probably the most suitable option for everyone that has it all.

Jim Carrey (57 years old)

People with wide foreheads are like I said. Let’s choose whether to close or play up to see each other like a young Jim Carrey, a very talented actor. Who decides to do the Quiff? The hair is curled up (but not bulged) and can be brushed sideways or backward. Instead, add layers to make my hair look more volume and attractive. It’s a modern, cool shape that’s no less interesting.

Josh Brolin (51 years old)

I have to admit, the slicked-back hairstyle when Josh Brolin portrayed the villain in Deadpool, Cable villain, was cool and cool, with an undercut first and then slicking the top of his hair back. Another vintage style that I would like to recommend. People with thin hair can do as well.

John Stamos (55 years old)

The lead actor has a sweet smile that comes with a pompadour-like shape. The high, bulging hairdos in the front curve in a vintage style. A classic cut that’s always cool and never goes out of style. Change the look from a big boy to looking more teenager immediately.

Brad Pitt (55 years old)

Sometimes there’s no need to overthink it. A Fade Cut or a simple undershirt like Brad Pitt is cool too. Plus quite freestyle in terms of styling. Can set any shape, Or leave the set. It looks good. Confirm this shape through for sure.

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