5 Simple Hairstyle Ideas to Change Your Look

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Whether you have had the same hair look for years or only a few weeks, you may be thinking
it’s time for a change. When is it OK to change your hairstyle? You can do it whenever you
want. However, if you don’t enjoy styling your hair, pull it back every day, or feel that your
appearance is “dull,” it’s a fair bet that a change is in order.

But you might be thinking about how to change your hairstyle while all the saloons are closed due to the Covid issue. Don’t worry, girl! We got you. Here are some of the simple hairstyle ideas that you can try on your own at home to give you a fresh and new look.

1.Create a Flat-Iron Curl

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

If you’re born with naturally straight hair, you might want to have a bit of curl look on your new
hair, and you can still get your curly look even without your curling wand. Curling your hair using a hair straightener is a game-changer, and it has been every girl’s best friend around the world.

So, here is how to get that curly hair with your hair straightener.

  1. Firstly, take a tiny piece of hair then, hold your flat iron vertically, open end up.
  2. Begin turning your hair away from your face as you clamp it with the iron. The trick here
    is to keep the motions flowing and not halt for long periods, otherwise, you’ll wind up
    with kinks and wrinkles.
  3. Allow the hair to gently slide through the clamp as you continue to rotate the iron away
    from your face until you reach the end.
  4. Lower the heat on your flat iron for loose waves and brush them out after curling.

2.Make Some Loose Waves

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Create some loose waves to your hairstyle to add texture and volume to your hair. This
hairstyle will help you to look more elegant. For those with naturally wavy or textured hair may
easily create loose waves with a curling iron or a flat iron. Wrap the center of the hair twice
around the barrel of a curling wand, hold for a few seconds, and draw swiftly through the ends.
However, if you don’t have wavy hair, don’t be discouraged; loose waves may still lend definition to thin or straight hair.

3.Change Your Hair Color

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Nothing can transform your appearances like a new color, face lightening highlights, or a
lowlight to give depth. Subtle chocolate tones may be applied to basic brown hair to brighten it and make it stand out. Warm tones reflect light and increase the pop factor. You may even go for something more dramatic by including some bright high fashion hues.

You can try to find any brand of hair coloring that is easy for you to apply on your own. If you’re staying in an Asian country, especially in Malaysia, you might be familiar with Garnier hair coloring. This is because Garnier hair coloring provides all you need to have a perfect new color for your hair.

4.Go for A Short Hair Cut

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Short hair may be seductive, edgy, romantic, and lovely. When you want something simple to
style yet with a lot of personalities, a short haircut is generally the way to go. If you’ve always
had long hair, short hair may be a wonderfully refreshing new start. There are also several
methods to cut your hair short. Even just cutting a few inches from your hair will do. You can
simply look for a simple haircut tutorial and try it on your own.​

5.Go with Some Bangs

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Have you ever tried bangs? Bangs can give nearly any hairstyle a young, exciting, and edgy
appeal. Changing your fringe might be the key to a fantastic hair transformation. But please
remember that you might need the right shears to cut your bangs. You need to make sure your
hair is completely dry and style your hair before you start cutting your hair so that you can see
how your bangs will lay in real-time.

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