15 Grey Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart and Dashing

Greying hair is no longer something to be ashamed of in today’s society. It’s a positive development that colour should welcome. When styled properly, grey hair can create a seriously sophisticated look that other hair colours can’t. Don’t take our word for it? Many young men are artificially greying their hair before the process occurs naturally. Men who wear silver hair can project a sense of character, charisma, and confidence in addition to looking distinguished and wise. Finding a stylish way to wear your grey hair can make you look modern and fresh rather than dated.


A pompadour style can be an excellent option for men with grey hair. Hair is high mounded on top of the head, a look that has been popular in the past and is making a comeback. Although easy for men with thick hair, this style can be challenging for those with thin hair. Adding texture to a pompadour can help keep it from looking too severe or dated.

Short Waves

Rather than taming your curls and waves, embrace them and wear them proudly. The grey hair will look amazing with a short haircut, just long enough for a couple of waves. This style is great since it can be worn with various looks while still looking modern. Try wearing your hair up and out of your face in a neat style for a polished appearance.


These confident grey dreadlocks are the epitome of cool. This style demonstrates that greying men may still confidently rock their signature ropey locks. This style is perfect since shorter, thicker dreads give off an air of maturity that longer dreads don’t. Additionally, a beard and a casual suit complement the outfit, creating an air of swaggering sophistication.

Grey Hair With Beard

Beards and silver hair are a killer fashion combo. The bushy quality of the style also contributes to a more symmetrical overall image. In addition to going grey, hair can thin, and the hairline can recede as a natural part of the ageing process. Beards are fantastic because they conceal thinning hair on top and provide volume to the rest of your hair. It’s important to keep a well-groomed beard and a trendy hairstyle if you want to avoid looking like Santa Claus.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Do not assume you must get a short haircut since you have grey hair. Pulling off a cool look with a medium-length haircut is possible if you confidently wear it. You can pull off this style as long as your hair has some texture, even if it’s thin. Waves or curls (natural or the result of a texturizing product) offer volume and a youthful look, while straight hair looks flat and limp. You should also consider growing facial hair if you’re going for this look. If your hair is on the longer side, a trim beard or stubble will suit it nicely.


Grey hair can be disguised as youthful by using a trendy hairstyle. One such trendy hairdo is the quiff, which will keep you from looking like an older man despite your grey hair. To get the look, have your barber give you a cut that is longer on top and shorter, faded sides. The next step is to blow out the front of your hair to give it volume and then use pomade to shape your hair into a clean quiff.


It’s all in your style, but even grey hair can look fabulous. There are a few cuts that can do this, but an undercut works the best. This trendy style shortens the hair on the sides and back while leaving the top unclipped. The result is a super stylish haircut that can be styled in various ways. You may obtain a stunning modern and masculine ‘do by styling your undercut in multiple ways, like a slicked-back look or pompadour.

Subtle Layers

Hair that is a light shade of grey can give the impression of being very fine and wispy. Add some thin layers to your light grey hair, and they’ll look thick and voluminous. Layering even a small amount of your short hair will provide the impression of depth and dimension. It will also contribute to creating texture, which is suitable for adding the effect of volume and modernizing an outdated look.

Long Hair

Nothing says “cool”, like long grey locks and an edgy, sophisticated look. This style may not be for everyone, but it is perfect for people who exude self-assurance and originality. Keep your hair long but below the shoulders and rock the look. Add a beard, dark sunglasses, and a bold coat for a rock star vibe.

Messy Hairstyle

Hair that has become grey early or dyed to look silver should be styled youthfully. Elegant and sophisticated fashions can make older men look dashing and handsome, but on younger men, they can have a negative impact and make them look older than they are. Stick to unstructured and messy looks with plenty of texture to ensure your silver strands make you look unique rather than more aged than you are.

Pushed Back

Grey hair looks great when pulled back into a sleek, sophisticated look. The style, achieved by slicking hair back with a touch of pomade, is incredibly sharp and endearing when applied to grey hair. It’s also a great option for successful people in business. Put this hairstyle on a sharp suit, and you’ll look like a modern-day silver fox.

League Cut

The Ivy League cut is a classic style for men that suits hair of every hue, even grey. The top of the head hair is combed up and to one side, looking for a little more extended crew cut. It’s not the boldest or most unique style, but this cut is timeless and simple to pull off. You may make your silver Ivy League cut stand out more by growing out your facial hair.

Slicked-Back With Undercut

Although your hair may be grey, that is no need to stop trying new and exciting hairstyles. Just pick a look that suits your personality, and you’re set! This silver slicked-back style is a great choice for any man looking to experiment with a more edgy look. The secret to its popularity is a combination of the classy look of slicked-back locks and the eye-catching character of an undercut.

Grey Taper Fade

It’s time to stop taking the easy way out by sticking with one short length and trying something new. After all, no one with boring, grey hair will exude cool. So, if you want to be on-trend, ask your barber for a shorter cut on the sides and longer on top. Specifically, if you’re going to stay on trend without undergoing a drastic transformation, choose a cut with gradually shortening sides that seem to melt into the skin.

Crew Cut

A simple crew cut might be a great option for men with grey hair who desire a trendy haircut but aren’t sure they can pull off something more daring. Even though the crew cut has been around since the 1940s, it doesn’t feel dated. A crew cut is a classic haircut that never goes out of style. Adding texture to your grey crew cut or deliberately making it look messy is a great way to update your look and keep it feeling fresh.

How to Style Grey Hair?

  • Accept your grey hair and rock it with a stylish cut that makes you look modern instead of ancient.
  • If you have silver hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with fresh and different styles like a pompadour, undercut, or taper fade.
  • Infuse your grey hairstyle with a modern flair by adding texture.
  • Keep your grey hair cut short and clean if you want to portray sophistication or professionalism.
  • If your hair is getting thin or thinning out due to age, a beard can help.
  • Adding layers to your short grey hair can give it more volume and a youthful feel.


Is grey hair attractive on a man?

A study by the online dating service Match.com found that 72% of the women who took part in the study found men with grey hair more appealing than guys without a salt and pepper hairline.

At what age does men’s hair go grey?

Men usually start getting grey hair around 50, but some men start going completely white as early as their 20s.

How do men cut their hair grey?

There is no limitation on hairstyle options due to hair colour. A good haircut works well with your looks and daily activities. Quiffs, pompadours, undercuts, and slicked-back short haircuts are among the best methods to show off the depth and texture the greys produce while still looking clean and professional. Alternately, if your hair is thick, you can try out longer styles like a mid-length bro flow, dreadlocks, or flowing length.

Is grey hair dead hair?

Grey hair is not a sign of death; rather, it indicates a lack of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair’s natural colour. Hair that is silver, grey, or white hair results from your body producing less melanin in the follicles as you age.

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