Hair Falling Out Men

Hair Falling Out Men

Hair loss problems, troubling problems that can occur in both women and men. Which normally cause shedding and hair loss every day, about 50-100 strands per person per day. Or the most no more than 200 strands per person per day (when washing hair). If the hair loss is more than this means that Is a symptom of hair loss caused by abnormalities. Which can be caused by many factors Both physical, mental, genetic and the use of certain drugs.

The hair loss is Regarded as a natural occurrence every day. If in normal amounts our hair will fall out every day on average 50-100 strands or 200 strands washing the hair. Which, if the volume of hair loss exceeds that Consecutively for a long time. Should turn back and pay attention And check the cause of hair falling out men .

Alopecia can occur for many reasons.

hair loss

Both hereditary Hormonal disorders Chronic illnesses, allergies, medication, injuries, chemical hair damage, stress, anxiety, mental conditions or even “hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies” or “malnutrition”.

For hair loss caused by physical disorders. Whether hereditary Hormonal disorders Menopause, allergy, illness, skin disease on the scalp Or the use of certain drugs. Allergic to chemicals used with the hair. If there are abnormal hair loss Should get advice from a medical professional. In order to balance hormones, adjust medication to
reduce / stop using chemicals Or treating the symptoms that cause hair falling out men .

For hair loss caused by mental disorders Or when not enough rest, stress, severe anxiety Or having abnormal mental conditions. Can cause hair loss Or in some people it may be possible to pull hair without knowing it. Which said symptoms Needing medical attention or if stress is overcome And concern over. Had sufficient sleep Hair loss symptoms will gradually improve.

Nutritional Defects

For hair loss due to nutritional defects Insufficient nutrient intake Considered as one factor that causes hair loss. Especially those who eat irregularly Abstain or cut certain foods, limit protein, limit starch content. Do not eat fruits and vegetables. Eating too little food. Lose weight too fast or lose weight incorrectly . Which this nutritional behavior If done continuously, it may cause brittle hair to break and easily fall out. Therefore, to prevent the body from lacking nutrients And causing hair falling out men. Should choose to eat a variety of foods . By switching between In order to receive complete nutrition And strengthen your hair.

8 Main causes of hair loss in men.

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