How to make a Ponytail with Twisted Tuft? (Steps)

Champion in practicality, the ponytail is one of those hairstyles that win women’s heads without them sometimes realizing it. The act of attaching medium or long threads to an elastic band is already part of the routine of Brazilian women. A national preference, the hairstyle deserves a touch of novelty to get out of sameness. A fray in the threads, a twisted lock or a way to hide the elastic gives an “up” look in a moment.


1. Start with your hair loose and washed. Like the model, it is worth applying a little capillary wax on the strands to give more texture and firmness for excellent hair.

2. Using a thin comb handle, separate a rectangular part of the hair from the top of the head.

3. The separation should start from the forehead, up to the “crown” of the head (back of the top), and be about 3 cm wide.

4. Secure the lock with a clip and make a ponytail with the rest of the hair. Secure with a rubber band as usual.

5. Loosen the lock from the top of the head.

6. Twist this part of the hair until it becomes a loose “roll”.

7. Wrap the end of the twisted strand over the elastic that holds the ponytail.

8. Secure the mechinha with a clamp. Position it at the bottom of the ponytail to look more natural.

9. If you prefer more volume on the top of the head, it is worth undoing the roll a little.

10. Apply fixative spray to this area.

11. To give even more grace to the look, it is worth to unravel the loose locks a little. To do this, use the comb and comb the strands in the opposite direction to grow.

12. You can do it without fear: the frayed does not damage the hair; it only makes them more difficult to comb until the first wash.

13. It’s ready!

14. The look combines the politeness of the tidy with the grace of the slightly frayed strands.

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