How to Take Care of Your Hair Pre, During, and Post Workout

Learn How to care for hair before, during, and after a workout.

Physical activity has many benefits, but it can also be a torment for your hair. The use of rubber bands and fasteners, sweat, and chlorine can damage the hair’s health and a lack of post-exercise treatment.


How to Take Care of Your Hair Pre, During, and Post Workout

Loose hair does not match the gym because it can hinder exercise and even get stuck in some device. Attach the threads in bunches, braids, or loose ponytails, because pressure can cause hair loss and even alopecia. Attaching hair with elastics and tiaras leads to an often irreversible hair loss process, called alopecia; which is the cosmetic of traction because it causes the hair to pull out; explained Doctor and trichologist Luciano Barsanti, author of the book Dr. Cabelo in an interview with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

Please do not get your hair wet, as it is harmful to comb your hair in the bath. The strands are more fragile and easier to break. Anyone who has hair extensions needs to take extra care, prevent sweat from coming into contact with the locks, and keep them as dry as possible.

Sweat can be another great villain because the salt produced, associated with the scalp’s natural oiliness, harms the silky and shiny aspect of the hair and leaves the hair opaque, dull, and brittle.

Beyond the gym

The ideal is to use caps or hats to protect the wires from the sun’s rays for those who practice outdoor sports. The accessories need to be made of light material because the excess of sweat, stimulated by the region’s stuffiness, can cause seborrheic dermatitis, which causes itching and scaling of the scalp. To prevent it, use an anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week, enhancing the cleaning of the area.

In swimming pools, the biggest problem is chlorine, which, like sweat, in addition to drying out, fades the hair. Before the physical activity, apply silicone that forms a protective film reducing the action of the substance and moisten the hair with fresh water before and after swimming to decrease after effects.

Post Workout Hair care

It is important to take care of the hair after any exercise because the hair fiber absorbs sweat and chlorine. Wash your hair after any activity and frequently moisturize to replace the nutrients lost by sweat and chlorine.

Laila Sena does weight training and swimming and says that what to combine the two activities needed to invest in hydration; “Every day I use shampoo, conditioner, and deep hydration mask and once a month I do a more powerful treatment. Despite sweating horrors, I bother with chlorine more because it leaves the hair looking like cellophane “.

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