Curly hair with highlights: 10 photos of those who got it right when making

Curly hair with highlights is widespread in women’s hair. Rain or shine, summer or winter, one thing is certain: there will always be a woman wanting to give her hair a mess. And an already classic way for women to achieve this is through the lights – these thin reflections are beautiful in any hair, but it is impressive how it gives another face to the cats with curly hair. 

We separated 10 photos of curly women who were very right to make the lights to inspire you. Just take a look:

Curly hair with highlights
Curly hair with highlights

Naturally brighter curls? It’s with the lights

Lights and wicks are the favorites of women when it comes to snuggling, but if what you want is a more natural and subtle result, then it is in the lights that you will find what you are looking for. 

These blond reflections, which go from the root (or as close to it as possible) to the tip of the hair, are super easy to do (you can even face it at home) and promise a very delicate result. 

The curls are lit instead of marked (which sometimes happens with other locks), and you get a new look without changing much—the hand to dye the hair trembles.

There are tones for all types of tastes

Are you trying to lighten the hair, but you have zero desire to be tchan’s new blonde? So here’s another reason for you to love the lights. The tones pulled by honey and gold are the favorites of many people and make you super discreet. 

But look, nothing prevents you from leaving the ink on the strands longer, and I got a more impactful result. Just don’t forget that, even if you don’t want to be super blonde, it is essential to pay attention to the parts that are doing the process so that your blondness is uniform, okay?

You’ll need to take a little more care, okay?

Sis, it’s not because you’re not platinum that you’ll be able to give up the extra care that every blonde need! Those who are curly know that the locks already tend to naturally be drier than other hair types, which is enhanced by putting a chemical in the wires. 

An excellent idea to protect the wires before and even after the lights is to bet on the capillary schedule, which quickly recovers the locks’ health. 

Give special attention to the reconstruction stage at the beginning and, as long as you have these lighter strands in your hair, do not abandon the custom of having treatments more than once a week!

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