17 Gorgeous Short Haircuts For Girls

Hey there! Here is a new collection of short haircuts for girls. Check out the trends of famous short hair.

Short and stylish hairstyles are trending. It will change girls’ look to chic, cool, and younger.

Entering 2023, many women still want to update their trends by changing the same hairstyle used for many years. To become chic and modern, everyone must say, a short hair style is considered a stylish hairstyle. Anyone who has will still be beautiful forever. There are many short haircuts for girls, including short hair, short hair cut, bob cut, Korean short hair style, and more.

For the girls to update their beauty before anyone else, the hair trend has collected short hairstyle trends for 2021, and each style will be chic or cut and how young your face will be.


The short pixie cut is cool and comfortable on the head. Waking up doesn’t have to be complicated. After washing your hair, blow-dry, you’re ready to go out and chill. As for girls with round faces, don’t worry. Because short hair like this is cut and still looks good Will not make the front frame look brighter than before.

Short Hair Style

When the girls saw this short hair, they probably thought of a nightmare when the children cut by the administrative teacher did not leave their beauty. But this trend will return to shine again. Also, many people would willingly cut this. Even it is considered a way back in time and makes children look adorable simultaneously.

 Short Bob Cut

If anyone still doesn’t dare to cut the hair as short as the first 2, try this look first because it is a style that looks cool but not too short. Good looking if adding a bit of trendy color, guaranteed to be more beautiful than anyone.

Short Straight Layered Hair

This style is perfect for girls who like fashion and want to add many types of short-cut hair. It also helps to make a face look younger than a pile. But be careful that it may tangle during the day. So, don’t forget to style your hair every time before going out to say goodbye.

Short Hair Style With Curly Hair

Short haircuts may be a bit normal. Try adding a gimmick to this hairstyle by curling the curls and then holding the set to look messy as if waking up. Ensure that it’s pretty young but stylish, not light at all. Do not miss out on all permed hair lovers.

Shoulder Length Bob Cut

Short, half-long hair like this is suitable for sweet girls who want to change their style from long to short. But don’t cut it very short, so the shoulder bob or lob hair. Probably the chicest choice because if you don’t like it, wait a little longer, and your hair will stay the same.

Short Bob Cut With Straight Layered Hair

It concludes with this ultra-short hairstyle that no one is sour. I probably can’t because it is the style that plays with the chic of the hairstyle. But it will become more narrow if adding a bit more beautiful waves.

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